Shiplake offers a range of merchandise available to purchase by parents, pupils, members of the Old Viking Society and other friends of the College.

The merchandise available are cufflinks, lapel pins, umbrellas, snoods, wetbags for sports kit, 'Bumblebee' all-in-one rowing aprons and limited edition prints of Shiplake's 'Stretch of the River Thames'. The popular umbrellas (pictured right) are perfect for the golf course, the touchline, or just a rainy day. Show off the Shiplake colours for £20 each.

The cufflinks come in two styles: fixed post, or traditional chain cufflinks, and are priced at £20.00 per pair. Each set features the original shield from the Shiplake College coat of arms. The lapel pin has the same design, and is priced at £12 per badge.

Sale profits from cufflinks, lapel pins, snoods (£10 each), wetbags (£15 each), rowing aprons (£15 each) and the Thames Prints (£40 each) go to the Shiplake College Boat Club Supporters' Association.

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