Year 12 Geography Trip to Wales

On Sunday 11thof March, 23 Year 12 Geographers travelled to the village of Borth in West Wales to conduct a series of fieldwork activities, aimed at enhancing our understanding from lessons and collecting data for fieldwork analysis and investigation.  

Staying in a hostel overlooking the beach and eating meals at a local golf club, we were well situated to complete the work that was required.

On Monday morning we woke to the smells of a full welsh cooked breakfast before beginning our coasts day. We started with a walk to the top of the nearest headland, where, despite a thick sea mist, we were able to look across the entire bay and get our first glimpses of the recent £13 million coastal defence project. From here we moved onto listen to a presentation by the engineering company Bam Nuttal who are completing the work which should protect the village from coastal erosion and flooding for the next 100years. Cost benefit analysis is crucial in this sort of project and with predicted damage of £30 million over the next 100 years if nothing was done, it seems a sensible option.

After lunch we did our fieldwork on the sand dunes, where we investigated a full Psammosere succession through the Ynyslas dunes. Collecting profile data, ph samples and vegetation coverage, we will have all of the detail we need for the upcoming Unit 2 exam.  Once the ph samples were analyses and we had enjoyed a hearty meal it was time to celebrate Harry Cheesewright’s birthday to a local caravan site bowling alley.

The next day we followed the Afon (river) Rheidol from its source to its mouth looking at the upper, middle and lower course before making our way to the mouth at Aberystwyth, comparing gradient, sediment size and flow before matching this data to the Bradshaw model we have studied in class. On arrival back to Borth we walked along the coast and got close up views of the sea defences being made and a submerged forest that was appearing because of shifting sands.

On the last day before the trip home we did a village profile of Borth, in order to  see what the area was mainly used for, such as tourism or housing and as a result decide whether the village should have so much money spent on protecting it or not.

Thank you to Mr Seccombe, Mr Pavey, Mr Howorth and Mrs White for this opportunity to go see the lovely, sunny coast of west Wales- we all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Charlie Foster, Year 12.