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Boarding Taster Sleepovers

We are sorry but the sleepover on Wednesday 18th June 2014 is now fully booked.

Boys currently in Year 7 who are considering joining Shiplake College at Year 9 in September 2015 are warmly invited to experience a night in one of our boarding houses on Wednesday 18 June. The current Year 9 boys will be on their Adventure Week camping, resulting in some available beds and the opportunity for us to offer a fun sleepover for a small number of prospective pupils.

The evening will begin with refreshments at 6.00pm in the Burr House Day Room, followed by a welcome speech from the Headmaster introducing boarding at Shiplake, with myself and other boarding staff available to answer any questions. Boys will then be shown their rooms, with parents having the option to have a tour of the boarding house before departing.

The evening will consist of a barbecue for the boys and a fun programme of outdoor activities with the current boarders, before bedtime at 9.30pm. Breakfast will be available from 7.00am the next morning and boys will then attend lessons with our current Year 7 boys and enjoy other activities. They will go for lunch at 1.00pm and will then be available for collection at 1.30pm (earlier or later collection may be arranged if more convenient).

Boys can arrive in casual clothes and will need with them appropriate shoes for sport and the normal items required for staying overnight. They may also wear casual clothes for the morning programme of activities and lessons. Bedding will be provided.

If you are considering boarding for your son at Year 9 in September 2015 (either weekly, full or flexi), or he would simply like to experience a fun sleepover at Shiplake, please complete the booking form and return it to Mrs Katherine Green, Director of Marketing and External Relations (by post or email Please note that spaces are limited and you are requested to book your place by Friday 13 June.

We are sorry but the sleepover on Wednesday 18th June 2014 is now fully booked.

Yours sincerely

Mr Andy Dix
Burr Housemaster


Each year, Shiplake College offers a number of scholarships and exhibitions to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. Scholarships are offered to pupils demonstrating outstanding academic ability or excellence in a major co-curricular domain. 
Generally, scholarships are available for pupils applying for all three of the major entry points (Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12). They are, however, reviewed regularly and therefore also available to existing pupils who have demonstrated exceptional improvement in a particular field during their time at the College.
Under the guidance of the Master of Scholars and respective Heads of Department, successful applicants will gain enormously from the additional opportunities and enrichment programmes available to them. All scholars are expected to make a contribution to the area of College life for which the award has been made and enhance the reputation of the School.

Awards at Year 7 (11+)

An Academic Scholarship is available to all candidates sitting the main entrance examination and is awarded based upon exceptional results in the assessment papers. A Music Scholarship and a Sport Scholarship (in either rugby or cricket) are also available. Sport and Music assessments will take place during the Spring Term. Year 7 scholarships are held for two years reviewed at the end of Year 8, with a view to continuing following Year 9 entry.

  • Year 7 Scholarship Information (Coming Soon)
  • Year 7 Scholarship Application Form (Coming Soon)
  • Deadline for Scholarship Applications: Wednesday 31st December 2014

Awards at Year 9 (13+)

An Academic Scholarship is available to all candidates sitting the main entrance examination and is awarded based upon exceptional results in the assessment papers. Scholarships are also available for Art, Music, Drama and Sport (in rugby, cricket and hockey). Assessments for these scholarships will take place on Tuesday 4th or Wednesday 5th November 2014. An All Rounder Scholarship may be awarded for exceptional candidates displaying excellence in more than one area of school life. Year 9 scholarships are held for three years, provided the boy’s conduct and performance in their scholarship domain is preserved. Pupils are then re-assessed at the end of Year 11 and may be offered a further scholarship for Sixth Form.

  • Year 9 Scholarship Information (Coming Soon)
  • Year 9 Scholarship Application Form (Coming Soon)
  • Deadline for Scholarship Applications: Tuesday 30th September 2014

Awards at Year 12 (Sixth Form)

Internal and external candidates registered for Sixth Form entry are invited to apply for an Academic Scholarship if they are forecast to receive a minimum of 5 A*/A grades in their GCSE results. The Academic Scholarship Day will take place on Saturday 7th March 2015. Scholarships are also offered in Music, Drama, Art and Sport, and assessments will take place by appointment during the Spring Term. An All Rounder Scholarship may be awarded for exceptional candidates displaying excellence in more than one area of school life. Year 12 scholarships are held for two years, provided the pupil’s conduct and dedication to their area of excellence is maintained.

  • Year 12 Scholarship Information (Coming Soon)
  • Year 12 Scholarship Application Form (Coming Soon)
  • Deadline for Scholarship Applications: Friday 19th February 2015

Fee Remission

In recognition of their achievements, a Shiplake Scholarship normally carries 10% remission of fees, unless otherwise stated, with Exhibition Awards available at 5%. Parents of scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees are encouraged to simultaneously apply for a means-tested bursary after registering their child, which can supplement the scholarship up to 100% of fees .

For further details please contact the Registrar at or call on 0118 9405 221.

John Turner Building Campaign - QWERTY Fund

'The Keys to Success'

In addition to the Learning Development seminar rooms and classroom, the first floor of the new building will accommodate the Thinking Space, with two contrasting areas; one ‘Google-inspired’ for collaborative discussion and one ‘Flow Room’ for silent study. Donations to the QWERTY Fund will allow the College to provide additional digital learning resources and extra tablet devices.

There are 102 keys on a standard computer keyboard. The QWERTY Fund is an affordable way for all members of the Shiplake community to show their support by purchasing their chosen letter, numeral or character for £20 per key (discounts for whole words!). The donors’ names will be displayed on the corresponding keys of a keyboard-shaped plaque.

The image below illstureates which computer keys are still available.

Current Total: £180

John Turner Building Campaign - Art Fund

'The Colour of Money'

Buy a colour for £20 each from the 120 named shades shown opposite, to show your support and help provide the Art Department with state-of-the-art equipment. It is hoped that many current pupils will wish to leave their legacy by becoming a part of the new building! A spectrum of colour will be displayed in the Art Department to display donations to this fund, with the donors’ names, or chosen words, allocated to the colour of their choice.

We hope that these colourful donations will fund one or more items of equipment such as specialist large-scale printer, or other larger art resources that fees alone are unable to provide.

The image below illustrates which colours are still available.

Current Total: £1220 (61 colours)


John Turner Building Campaign - Lecture Theatre Fund

'Please Take Your Seats...'

We are inviting parents, staff, alumni and all members of the Shiplake College community to own a little piece of the school. With a plaque on each sponsored seat you can have your name incorporated into the new building, acknowledge someone special by dedicating a seat to them or have your own chosen text inscribed.

There are 88 fixed seats available to sponsor at £400 each, which can be donated by monthly instalments if preferred.

Seats Sponsored So Far: 22

We are very grateful to those who have sponsored a seat for the Lecture Theatre:

  • In Memory of Mrs Betty Wood
  • Sophie Arnold
  • Ben Arnold
  • Paul Pongratz, Germany
  • Jutta Pongratz, Germany
  • Pamela Eggar 1963-1979
  • Jimmy and Jane Gordon
  • Mrs Jane Burtt
  • With Thanks From Scruffy Noddy Narrowboat
  • Ian and Louise Towell
  • Andrew and Clare Ridley-Barker
  • Roger Peacock
  • Ryan Jones
  • Robbie Jones
  • Cam Jones
  • Alfie Sheppard
  • The Green Family
  • Mr Tom F Wells
  • Nick and Finn Arbuckle
  • Gregg Davies

John Turner Building Campaign - Room Sponsorship

The Lecture Theatre, and Thinking Space have already been sponsored by two generous donors. The Music practice rooms (named after iconic composers and musicians) and ensemble rooms, Art classrooms and Learning Development seminar rooms are currently available for sponsorship, which will allow the College to equip each room with the required high-quality technological resources or musical equipment accordingly.

All sponsors will have their name displayed on plaques by the appropriate rooms (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous).

Art Department

  • Ceramics Classroom (sponsorship to cover Apple Mac computers, the kiln and other specialist equipment) £3,000
  • Art Classroom (sponsorship to cover Apple Mac computers and other specialist equipment) £3,000
  • Textiles Classroom (sponsorship to cover Apple Mac computers and other specialist equipment) £3,000

Music Department

  • One Recording Studio (sponsorship to cover an Apple Mac computer, software and equipment) SPONSORED
  • Seven Practice Rooms (sponsorship to cover a piano for each room, and one Drum Kit) £1,000 each
    • Davis (Drum Room) SPONSORED
    • Purcell
    • Handel
    • Elgar
    • Hendrix (Guitar Room)
    • Britten
    • Bernstein
  • Two Ensemble Classrooms (sponsorship to cover Apple Mac computers and electronic keyboards) £3,000 each

Learning Development Department

  • Four Seminar Rooms (sponsorship to cover television displays) ALL SPONSORED
  • One Classroom (sponsorship to cover television display and other learning resources) SPONSORED

John Turner Building Campaign - Orchestra Fund

'Hitting the High Note'

We are looking for funds to purchase additional instruments for the Music Department. Whether for individual instrumental tuition or to bolster the Lower School Orchestra or other ensembles, there is an increasing need to add to or replace the current stock.

At prices varying from £50 for a violin to £250 for an oboe, you can sponsor your favourite instrument and show your support. Donors’ names will be displayed alongside their equivalent instrument on a plaque denoting a full symphony orchestra. This would be a wonderful way to commemorate a range of instrumentalists from the Shiplake College community. We hope you find this fund ‘noteworthy’!

The image below illustrates the instruments still available for sponsorship.

Current Total: £14,600


Instruments Available to Sponsor

Instrument Required Remaining Cost Each
Violin 12 7 £50
Small Percussion 4 2 £50
'Cello 6 2 £75
Viola 3 2 £75
Clarinet 3 2 £300
Flute 3 2 £100
Trombone 3 2 £100
Large Percussion 4 2 £100
French Horn 3 0 £200
Trumpet 3 3 £200
Double Bass 2 2 £200
Oboe 3 0 £250
Bassoon 2 1 £250

Please note that the costs above do not necessarily cover the full cost of purchasing the equivalent instrument.



The Development Office was established in September 2013 to build a network of  strong relationships amongst parents, Old Vikings, staff, and other friends and supporters of Shiplake College. The Development team is responsible for implementing a long-term and integrated fundraising and alumni relations programme. This includes working with the Old Viking Society to provide a calendar of events and reunions, and supporting the Headmaster and governors in achieving their aims to develop the College and realise their vision for the future.

Meet the Team

Katherine Green, Director of Marketing and External Relations, joined Shiplake in September 2013. She is responsible for leading the College's marketing, admissions, fundraising and alumnae relations activities. Katherine was previously the Marketing and Development Manager at Cokethorpe School in Witney. Katherine grew up in Henley, moving to Abingdon after graduation, but has continued to play for Henley Hockey Club.

Ross McSweeny, Marketing and Alumni Officer, joined Shiplake in November 2013 after graduating from the University of Birmingham. Ross supports Katherine with promoting the College and the many events, activities and achievements of its pupils and staff. He also acts as the Secretary for the Old Viking Society and is responsible for communications to former pupils and staff of the College.

Giving to Shiplake College

Fundraising for Shiplake College is crucial for our future development. Good and successful schools cannot stand still yet fee income alone is not sufficient to ensure that Shiplake College will continue to provide the best possible environment and education for our boys and girls. Shiplake is a relatively young school and as a result has not got an endowment that many other schools benefit from.

We hope that in whatever way possible, you will play a part in our history. There are many ways to help the College and its pupils, from organising events to donating funds to leaving a legacy. For further information or to discuss how you can support the College, please contact the Development Office on 0118 9405 222 or email

The John Turner Building £100,000 Campaign

The John Turner Building £100,000 Campaign was launched in February 2014. This appeal has been designed to provide the best-possible resources and equipment for the John Turner Building, due to open in September 2014, and give all members of the Shiplake community the opportunity to be a part of this exciting development.

In addition to creating first-class Music, Art and Learning Development Departments, the building is addressing the long-standing need for a place where pupils of all ages can collaborate, reflect, read and research, with access to a variety of digital learning technologies. There will also be a Lecture Theatre with tiered seating for up to 140 people, providing a superb venue for a wide range of uses such as recitals, performances and presentations.

The brochure available below explains the campaign in more detail and outlines how you can contribute to its associated range of imaginative funds. With opportunities to support one or more of the specific areas within the new building, at a level that you feel comfortable, we believe there will be at least one fund that appeals to each of you. Participation is just as important as the level of giving. Through the Art and QWERTY Funds you can personalise a donation of £20 upwards, whilst sponsorship of a musical instrument for the Orchestra Fund or a seat in the Lecture Theatre will enable you to contribute more significantly to the campaign. There are also opportunities to sponsor whole rooms and the resources within them, which could not be justified from fee income alone. Whether £20, £400 or £3,000, your generous gift will make a real difference to the pupils and staff at Shiplake College and all donations will be recognised appropriately.

Click on the links below for more information about the campaign's associated funds:

Click on the links below to download the following John Turner Building £100,000 Campaign documents:

John Turner Building Progress Diary

The new John Turner Building will house the Art, Music and Learning Development departments, a recital/lecture space and a resource centre. The development is named after one of the first boys to attend Shiplake College, who was also a governor of the College for over 30 years until his retirement in 2012.

John Turner Building Artists Impression

Construction started on 1st July 2013 and is now due for completion on in mid-July 2014. The fit-out will be completed in August 2014 and the building will be operational for the Autumn Term 2014.

The gross floor area of the completed building is 1,362sqm.

  • Music Department: 229sqm
  • Lecture theatre: 135sqm
  • Resource Centre: 229sqm
  • Learning Development: 135sqm
  • Art Department: 383sqm

To view the floorplans for the new buildings please click on the options below:

Progress Update: 20th June 2014


The front elevation of the scaffolding has now been taken down, which is a hugely exciting step in the construction process. It has substantially improved the visual impression of the building, allowing passers-by to observe the significant progress made to date. The scaffolding removal has enabled the construction team to start the external works, including the soft landscaping, permeable paving and installation of lighting bollards and staircases.

The back scaffolding will be removed very soon. The vast majority of windows are now in place, including some of the impressive staircase window ladders, while the high-level cladding and hanging rafters are fully completed.

Internally, the toilet cubicles have been installed and ceiling finishes are going up. Floor finishes are starting next week, which includes the carpets being laid. This is another landmark stepping stone towards the overall goal as it will give the building a more human and homely feel.

Decorating is ongoing on all floors. Carpenters are fitting the skirting and architraves and lights are being installed. In addition, the access lift has been fitted, waiting to be commissioned.


Progress Update: 23rd May 2014

Work on the interior of the John Turner Building continues at a fast pace and the first-fix of the electrics has been completed for all but the Basement.  With a sound-proof ceiling containing 4 separate elements, it is important that the contractors are aware of all the requirements as any omissions at this stage can be very costly to fix at a later date. Thankfully, the main contractors have been extremely patient in allowing a number of last-minute changes to be made to all levels. As soon as the first fix is complete, the ceilings will be completed and the joinery will commence.  Work on the vaulted ceiling in the Art Department has already begun and the feeling of space and light is very apparent.

The windows are now being installed and the floor screed has been laid on all levels.  The Basement is heated by an air-handling unit, housed in the ceiling of the Lecture/Recital room while the Ground and First floors have under-floor heating, which has now been installed and covered by the screed. Once all the windows are installed and the final elements of the roof complete, the scaffolding will be struck to enable external works to commence.

As a result of the bad weather over the winter, the completion date is likely to be mid-July and this will mean that there is an overlap with the interior fit-out.  However, with plans to remove the temporary Music and Art Departments well advanced, we remain confident that the building will be in operation for the start of the Autumn Term.

Progress Update: 30th April 2014

After several weeks of relatively dry weather and despite the roof having been completed, the contractors returned on Monday this week to find the Lecture Theatre 6” deep in water. Thankfully this was due to driving rain coming in the open windows and the partially built upper floor, not as a result of a problem with water-tightness in the construction. Since the last progress report, the under-floor heating has been installed on the ground and first floor and screed is now being applied to the upper level; this will bring the flooring up to the correct level.

The Music Department and Lecture Theatre on the basement are heated via a complex air-handling system that is in the process on being installed. The first fix of the electrics has also been completed on all but the basement. The brick façade is now complete and internal blockwork is rapidly catching up. This makes the final internal layout extremely easy to visualise, with numerous whole rooms now completed. The wooden structural beams will remain uncovered, giving the top floor an impressive look. Furthermore, the 'window ladders' on the corner of each staircase will also give the building a light and modern feel. 

Once all blockwork is complete, the first of the 84 windows can be installed followed by insulation and internal plasterboard – this is hoped to take place in a couple of weeks. The contractors will then move onto the second fix of the electrics and plumbing before moving onto the internal decoration. Over the next few weeks, groundworks will also take place to install connections to the electric mains and the College’s ICT network.

Progress Update: 28th March 2014

All tiling on the roof is now complete and the wind-catchers have all been installed. Internal blockwork and brickwork up to ground floor level is complete.  The first fix of electrics is currently in progress on the basement and ground floors. It is a busy time, with multiple tasks being completed simultaneously as ducting for the complex air-handling system is also currently being installed in the lecture theatre and basement corridors. 

The building project is still on schedule, with completion of construction expected on 27th June 2014. The College are busy confirming some of the finer details, such as the colours of blinds. Departments are meeting designers next week to confirm the fit-out. Construction of the bespoke furniture will start within the next couple of weeks, ready for installation over the summer holidays. 

Featured are some pictures taken in mid March when the estates team had an elevated work platform on site. 

Progress Update: 20th February 2014

Despite losing another 3 days to the wet weather, Edgar Taylor, the main contractors are still aiming to finish construction of the building by 20th June 2014.  This will include the completion of all the surrounding soft landscaping and a new block-paving walkway around the entire building. 

The roof structure is complete and over half of it is now covered with the felt that lies beneath the tiles.  Tiling is approximately 10% complete and the 84 windows have been delivered to site and will be fitted as the brickwork is completed.  Once the ground floor is water-tight, the first fix of electrics will begin after half-term.  We are in the process of confirming the layout of the contemporary Thinking Space and had an interesting presentation from the interior designers who revealed a number of exciting options to choose from. 

Progress Update: 24th January 2014

It will probably come as no surprise that an extension of 20 days has been issued and the revised completion date for the building is now 20th June 2014. The recent wet weather has limited the progress of the bricklayers and the various storms over Christmas precluded work on the scaffolding for several days. If nothing else the weather has proved that the Lecture/Recital Theatre is water-tight, as the builders are having to pump out up to 18” of water each day.

Despite the slow progress, the brickwork is almost up to first floor level and the internal walls of the Music Department are now in place, allowing a better feel for the finished layout.  The top floor has now been screeded to allow further work on the roof and the feature trusses are fixed in place.  It is hoped we can complete the structure and install the ceiling windows by the end of January.  

We are looking in detail at the interior fit-out of the building and currently confirming colours for floor and wall coverings and the chairs in the Lecture/Recital Theatre, as well as blinds for the 84 windows.  A vital part of the Ceramics room on the top floor will be the installation of a new kiln.  With a total weight of 495kg and a maximum lift capacity of 400kg, some detailed planning has been necessary to ensure that the kiln can be broken down and constructed in situ.

Progress Update: 12th December 2013

With the recent good weather, the contractors have worked hard to complete the superstructure for the roof of the entire building.  The feature wooden trusses that will be exposed in the ceiling of the Art Department are 90% complete and infilling of the timber roof is ongoing. 

At lower levels, the walls of the Music practice and ensemble rooms are almost complete and this work will continue throughout the Christmas break.  In the Lecture Theatre, the final coats of four damp-proofing layers are being applied, before the internal walls are constructed.  In order to achieve the interior space that the College required, the whole building was sunk up to 2m into the ground and the damp-proofing of the ground-floor is a key part of the construction. 

On the first and second floors, concrete is being applied to provide a level surface over the huge beams that will support all the interior of the building.  Once these floors and the roof are water-tight, initial work on the ground-floor electrics will begin.  For the future inhabitants, the project is now really coming to life as they are being asked to confirm exactly where they will require desks and tables to be placed.


Progress Update: 14th November 2013

The vast majority of the concrete flooring was successfully installed over the October half term break. The finishing touches have now been applied, with the final planks laid on 12th November. We are now waiting patiently for some dryer conditions in which to carry out the damp-proofing. The laying of brickwork is ongoing, with clear progress now visible from afar.

The roof will be installed between 25th November and 6th December. This is a crucial stage of the build as, once the roof has been fitted, the fixing of electrical and mechanical fittings can begin. Accordingly, we are now in the process of agreeing the interior layouts of all the departments. This is hugely exciting, with innovative, contemporary designs starting to take shape.

The concept for the new Study Centre involves two discrete areas, with the overarching aim of creating a stimulating and appealing environment to encourage all our boys to come and study in a variety of ways. The first area pupils will encounter upon entering is an open and collaborative space for browsing and studying; predominantly in groups. Informal sessions, tutor meetings and occasional lessons will take place here, as it will be a perfect environment for discussing ideas. There will also be a separate meeting room behind a glass screen. The second area, away from the entrance, is intended to provide a quieter environment for productive individual study.

Progress Update: 25th October 2013

Both internal and external brickwork has now started and the first of three damp-proof layers on the lecture theatre walls are being applied.  The concrete flooring and pre-formed staircases will be installed from Thursday 24th October onwards.  This is a slight change to the previous schedule and the Main Drive will now be open until Wednesday 23rd October.  This work is expected to take 6 days and the contractors intend to clear the Main Drive by Friday 1st November.

Progress Update: 25th September 2013

The foundation for the new Music, Art and Resource Centre has now been completed – 230m3 of concrete was poured to create this, with apologies for any delays and thank you for your cooperation for the road closure on that day. The creation of the steel structure, which will take 7 working days, started on Monday 23rd September, with the large crane inside the building site itself.

There will be another road closure from 2.00pm on Friday 27th September until 5.00pm on Wednesday 2nd October. The brick work and block work will then be started next week (the retaining and main walls), which will give you more of a feel for the shape and size of the final building. On Monday 21st October, for two weeks over half term, the road will again be closed for lifting on the concrete slabs for the ground and first floors.

We were also able to get some fascinating images of a bird’s eye view photographs showing the construction site.

Progress Update: 23rd August 2013

The project remains approximately a week ahead of schedule and pouring of the ground bearing slab is due to start after the Bank Holiday weekend.  The photo shows the exposed piles and the area of the lecture theatre, which will be largely below ground.

The temporary Art Department is in position and services are being connected and furniture moved out of storage.  A fence will be constructed to hide and protect the drainage and water pipes.

To compensate for the loss of parking areas around Burr, Richard Evans and his team have laid a plastic grid beside the Main Drive and the grass is already growing through as seen in the last photo.

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