Tennis Players Turn Up The Heat

After struggling to cope with the searing Antiguan heat and talent of their young, speedy opponents, Shiplake’s tennis players could have been forgiven for losing heart after defeats in their first two tour matches.

The Antiguan opponents from Halycon Tennis Club moved the Shiplake players around the court with dept drop shots and consistently accurate winners down the line. Each match is comprised of four singles matches and two doubles contests. In the first match, Shiplake failed to register a victory and succumbed to a 6-0 loss with Antigua’s number one ranked junior player particularly impressive.

Despite this knock in confidence, Shiplake were in truth unfortunate to lose the second fixture. Charlie Sichel and Matt Horsfall had worked hard on their serves in training and this helped them to win some valuable energy-saving ‘free points’. Sichel won his singles match to post the first victory of the tour, closely followed by George Nicheli who came through a close match to win 6-4. Unfortunately, Shiplake could not claim the wins required in the doubles matches and were faced with a second defeat.

Ahead of the third match, Head of Tennis Mr Mallins made a small wager with the opposition meaning that the losing team would have to sing their national anthem. This served as inspiration for the boys as they came out fighting after a refreshing boat trip on the previous day. Charlie teamed up with Harrison Balchin and claimed an important doubles win. Nicheli and Horsfall quickly followed suit and all of a sudden a first victory was in sight. A stunning display of matchplay from Horsfall got Shiplake over the line, and the team were absolutely delighted with the win. Gracious in the defeat, the opposition lined up to sing the Antiguan national anthem.

The fourth and final match was played in cooler conditions, which was more familiar to the British players. After impressive singles wins, it looked like Shiplake may tie the series. Unfortunately they were not able to get the doubles victory required and the fixture ended in a draw. Perhaps this was the fairest way to end Shiplake’s time with Halycon Tennis Club who have been wonderful and friendly hosts all week. To show their appreciation, the touring pupils donated bag, balls and caps to the club, and treated them to a rendition of the British national anthem.

Mr Mallins was pull of praise for the Shiplake team: "The tennis squad have been well-behaved, focused and a pleasure to spend time with on this tour, and I am very proud of them finishing the series with a win and a draw."

RAF Cadets Enjoy Spring Field Trip

Alongside recent trips for the army and navy sections of the College’s CCF, the Royal Air Force cadets enjoyed a spring field trip of their own to RAF Benson. Officer in charge of the RAF section, Fl Lt Peter Hewerstone, kindly provided a report of the day’s events:

“Resplendent in their newly issued blue working dress uniform, 33 recruits and 6 senior RAF cadets arrived and RAF Benson and were met by Flt Sgt Cassidy, who provided them with a brief introduction to the station followed by a history presentation of 230 Squadron, who were our hosts for the day.

The remainder of the morning comprised of visits to 230 squadron's hanger to take a close look at the latest version of the Puma helicopter, followed by a visit to the police flight helicopter and finally the Oxfordshire air ambulance. Interestingly, the latter two helicopters were identical types but, as might be imagined, equipped completely differently to suit their individual roles. In all cases, the cadets were encouraged to ask questions relating to the use and operation of the three contrasting helicopter types. The morning outlined the stark contrast in how civilian and military aircraft are deployed.

A working lunch followed, attended by Ft Sgt Cassidy, who made himself available to discuss life and opportunities in the RAF and to talk to individuals who were interested in pursuing a potential career in service. The afternoon saw an onboard visit to the Merlin helicopter, led by Ft Sgt Bradley, who introduced the cadets to the onboard systems and equipment. 'Bradders', to cite his nick name, also spoke of his RAF career, countries he had visited, and sports opportunities available in the RAF. 

The remainder of the visit comprised of a look around the Fire Section and the Air Traffic Control Centre. The latter offered an insight into flight management and cadets were able to see and hear helicopters departing and making their instrument approaches. They were also shown the radar systems, which tracked aircraft overflying the station.

This visit provided the cadets with a useful review of day to day life and operations on an active RAF station and further cemented the relationship between Shiplake College and RAF Benson. Although we were unable to fly with 230 Squadron as hoped, we left with the hope that 230 might be able to land at the College later this year and offer air experience flights to the cadets.”

All the King's Men

On Thursday 20 March a number of Shiplake’s senior musicians were invited to participate in a music workshop hosted at local girls’ school Queen Anne’s.  The workshop was delivered by multi-award winning a cappella group All the King’s Men.

The group are based at the King’s College London, with regular performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and other competitions around the world. All the King’s Men combine tight vocal harmonies with mesmerizing choreography. Ahead of their evening performance at Queen Anne’s School, the singers gave up their afternoon to share their expertise with Sixth Form students.

The Shiplake boys and Queen Anne’s girls were put through their paces learning an arrangement of Lion King classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight complete with moves and animal noises!

Following the workshop, the pupils were given the chance to see the entire group in action during the evening performance, before performing their hastily rehearsed arrangement to an expectant crowd. Excellent solos from Cameron, Grossman, Tom McCooke and William Simpson helped the hybrid group to deliver an enjoyable performance.

The rest of the set from All the King’s Men comprised of inventive arrangements of well-known songs including Coldplay’s Yellow, Whitney Houston’s How Will I know? And Cee Lo Green’s Forget You.

Year 13 Music scholar George Graham described the event as “An absolutely fantastic evening and so inspiring to everybody there. The a cappella group are definitely an act you must go and see!”

Video footage of Shiplake’s performance is available on the Shiplake_Music YouTube channel

Elevate Your Education

Ahead of their impending AS Level exams, Year 12 pupils attended a revision seminar entitled 'Ace Your Exams', delivered by exam specialists 'Elevate Education'. The basis of the 'Elevate' message and philosophy is to work yearly with around 400 of the country's brightest young people and find out how they work and revise most effectively. Trends and patterns and identified to establish the most beneficial techniques, which are then shared with pupils across the country.

The presenter captured the attention of the entire group immediately, and every pupil filled out a revision information pack which will be a valuable resource over the coming months. 

The key messages of the seminar were as follows:

  • INSANITY – Einstein’s definition is “…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The point being that the most valuable exercise for revision is to assess what work you have already done, take note of mistakes and don’t make them again.
  • The value of completing practice papers.
  • Planning and preparation – detailed revision plans/exam room skills. 

Head of College House Mr Brown was hugely impressed with the seminar, saying: "The seminar was, I thought, really helpful and verging on the inspirational. Initial feedback from pupils is also very positive. The information was presented in such a helpful and interesting way, and I hope the pupils really benefitted." 

All Year 12s have access to the student implementation guide which contains follow-up exercises and activities, as well as tips for putting the skills into practice. Staff will also be looking to embed these skills in the classroom.

The students now also have access to Elevate Education's student website containing video tips, written study skills tips, GCSE & A Level practice questions and a forum for students to ask questions.

Antigua Fever

Do you have Antigua Fever? You can follow Shiplake pupils' sporting endeavours on their tour to Antigua. Over the coming week, our netball, cricket and tennis players will be testing themselves against Caribbean opposition. 

So far, the boys and girls have tried their hand at water volleyball and been challenged to a match by resort staff.

Keep up to date with how they get on by reading Mr Mallins' tour blog

As ever, we will be tweeting updates too. Follow us @ShiplakeCollege


Sea Survival

At the end of the Spring Term, cadets from the Royal Navy section of the College’s CCF completed field training exercises to develop the skills required to continue their development.

The senior section visited the Sea Survival School in Portsmouth. They arrived at HMS Bristol at 6.30pm and were given a safety talk before relaxing and socialising with pupils from another school for the remainder of the evening.

Following the ever popular early morning wake-up call at 6.30am, the cadets marched to the galley and ate breakfast before travelling to the Sea Survival training facility. Here they were instructed how to put on survival suits and board the rafts safely. Their understanding was quickly put to the test, given just 2.5 minutes to don the survival suits correctly before jumping off a 3m platform into the water and swimming to a life raft. The most difficult part was safely letting air out of the suits to enable fast swimming. Royal navy personnel were on hand to give hints and tips on survival at sea.

After lunch on HMS Excellence, the boys were taken to the Damage Repair and Instructional Unit. They were met by CO Krueger who is currently on loan from the German navy. He instructed the group on the first two phases of damage control in the case of a hull breach. After the briefing, the group split up into Year 11 and Year 12 and attempted to rescue a ship.

The water was just 13°C, and no amount of forewarning can prepare you for that! Whilst descending the ladder the boys were met by a bucket of water being thrown over them (for acclimatisation!). They were then sent to various areas to plug the holes. Both groups did well but the Year 12s impressed the most. The instructors even said that some of the boys were better than some of the Royal Navy personnel they have trained.

Trip leader Miss Erasmus said: “The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially the broken ship exercise. It was also a good experience to sleep on the HMS Bristol.”

Meanwhile, 24 Year 10 cadets travelled to the Dinton Activity Centre in Hurst to try their hands at sailing. The aim of the day was to give the cadets a full introduction to sailing before the start of the navy section’s sailing programme after Easter. The exercise was run by two instructors from the centre, assisted by Shiplake cadet Hamish Webb who possesses a dinghy instructor certificate.

The day started brightly with sunshine and light winds; perfect conditions to get the boys started. However, after lunch the wind picked up which made sailing a little more challenging. Needless to say capsize drills were practiced and enjoyed by everyone. School Staff Instructor Steve Macpherson said: “Overall the trip was a great success and the cadets are now looking forward to more sailing at Sonning Eye after Easter.”

Tudor Lecture Series

Shiplake’s Year 12 Historians recently attended a study day to the Strand, London to hear experts discuss their latest research on the Tudors.  

First up was Dr Tracey Sowerby discussing whether Henry VIII really was the architect of the English Reformation. This was a series of events in the 16th Century by which the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Catholic Church. Our pupils were then most surprised to hear accomplished television historian David Starkey (pictured right on BBC's Question Time) argue that the Reformation was all down to one thing – love. His entertaining style and élan failed to convince them that Henry reshaped England all due to his passion for Anne Boleyn.

Next, Professor Bernard elucidated Henry’s relationship with Wolsey and Cromwell. Finally, after lunch, Ronald Hutton gave an enlightening talk on Henry’s foreign policy and argued that his wars in the end achieved very little. This was a day which allowed pupils (and teachers!) to test their own theories against world renowned experts, as well as get a taste of what university lectures are like. This is useful practice for the students many of whom will begin higher education courses in less than 18 months time. 

Spring Term Sports Awards

As the Spring Term drew to a close, the College football and hockey clubs gathered together for awards ceremonies to celebrate this season’s successes. Pupils and staff shared some drinks and snacks whilst each team captain gave a summary of how their season had gone.

In football, the U16As had an exceptional season, remaining undefeated throughout all of their matches. They also won the Home Counties Shield for the first time, defeating Claires Court 10-9 on penalties in the final. The 1st and 2nd XIs enjoyed mixed fortunes, with a 5-4 win over LVS Ascot and a battling draw against Forest School arguably the pick of their respective results. In lower year groups, it was the U13A team captained by Matty Fitzgerald who looked most impressive. They scored 4 or more goals in all but one of their matches.

On the Astroturf, the College fielded 7 hockey teams this season and pupils’ hard work in training yielded many positive performances. The highlight of the 1st XI’s season was undoubtedly a 6-0 thrashing of local rivals Pangbourne, whilst they also enjoyed a rare game of mixed hockey against Henley College. Mr Curtis led his U14A side to an impressive record of 4 wins and 2 losses, whilst Mr Brown’s 3rd XI will look back most fondly on their 2-2 draw with Lord Wandsworth College.

Various awards were then announced for each team, followed by the prestigious honour of sport colours. Award winners were as follows:


1st XI (pictured above) :

Player of the Season – Markland Tidswell

Most Improved Player – Suilven Wagner-Piggott

Top Scorer – Markland Tidswell (5)

2nd XI:

Player of the Season – Nick Burnage (pictured top right)

Most Improved Player – Sam Mummery

Top Scorer – Five players tied on 1 goal


Player of the Season – James Dinsdale (pictured right)

Most Improved Player – Matthew Fenton

Top Scorer – Henry Foster (9)


Player of the Season – Miles Bridgman

Most Improved Player – Ross Johnstone & Elliot Whittingham

Top Scorer – Bridgman (3)


Player of the Season – Elliot Jordan

Most Improved Player – Lewis Bishop

Top Scorer – Scott Lee (4)


Full Colours

Ruaridh Scott

Half Colours

Tom Banks, Suilven Wagner-Piggott, Markland Tidswell, Freddie Ireland, Nick Burnage, Will Clarke, Sam Mummery 

U16 Colours

C Heppner-Logan (pictured right), J Dinsdale, H Foster




1st XI (pictured above):

Players’ Player of the Season – Jamie Westbrook

Coaches’ Player of the Season – Ben Peers

Most Improved Player – Jonny Meadows (pictured right)

2nd XI:

Players’ Player of the Season – Cameron Grossman

Coaches’ Player of the Season – Oran Mehmet

Most Improved Player – Anthony Miarli

3rd XI:

Player of the Season – Kieran Lynch

Most Improved Player – Ben Tressider


Players’ Player of the Season – Harry Emmanuel

Coaches’ Player of the Season – Oliver Walker

Most Improved Player – Harry Emmanuel & Will Gresswell


Player of the Season – Findlay Rowan

Most Improved Player – William Yan


Player of the Season – Timothy Herbert

Most Improved Player – Marcus Hillman


Player of the Season – Tom Ibbitson

Most Improved Player – Dom Spicer


Full Colours

Jamie Westbrook, Ben Peers

Half Colours

Barnaby Aldridge ( pictured right), Reiss Simpson, Jack Tooley, Yeem Chanthanawan, Cameron Grossman, Jason Chan

U16 Colours

Jonathan Meadows, Rory O’Conor, Dan Deakin

Junior Full Colours

Harry Emmanuel, Will Gresswell, Henry Atkinson, Finn Arbuckle

Junior Half Colours

Lewis Bishop, Freddie Bowcock, Jacob Bowley, Darius Braun, Joseph Gilbert-Blay, Carl Harris, Timothy Herbert, Marcus Hillman, Justin Janse Vanvuuren, Sam Neil, Oliver Simpson, James Smith, Benjamin Tracey


Congratulations to all involved.  Please click here to view a photo gallery of Spring Term sport.


Les jeunes élèves bénéficient voyage en France

Trips and days out are always a highlight of school life, and 49 Lower School boys were treated to a particularly memorable outing last week. The group made a 340 mile international round trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer in France; there and back in just one day!

They said it couldn’t be done, but having left Shiplake with passports at the ready at 6.50am to catch the Eurotunnel at Folkestone, pupils and staff were eating waffles, ice creams and crepes in Boulogne by lunch time. The boys completed a treasure hunt around the old town, part of which involved taking “selfies” in front of French post boxes and shops that they had learnt about during lessons.

Next it was off to the famous Nausicaa aquarium where there was time for a touch of shark spotting and ray tickling in an interactive tank.  Pupils then visited the beach in glorious French sunshine to play football and eat yet more ice creams, asking for different flavour combinations in their best French accents. Finally the boys completed a trolley dash around a French hypermarket to stock up for the way home!

The coach returned after a long day at 9.30pm. Head of Languages Mrs Parrott praised the pupils for their attitude throughout the day: “Most boys made the most of the opportunity to practice their French, using some impressive vocabulary and no doubt picking up some new words on the trip. Whilst it was undoubtedly a tiring journey, the boys clearly enjoyed the unique cultural experience putting into practice all the transactional language teachers have focussed on over the last month in class. This opportunity certainly helped to bring the lessons to life, and I am sure we will look to repeat this trip in future years.”

Sports Report


Shiplake’s netball team faced up against Bearwood College in their final netball game of the season. With a full team and three subs, Shiplake were always going to throw everything into this match.

Shiplake’s starting line up in the first quarter saw captain Sophie Arnold playing slightly out of position at GS due to an injury. Chloe Goodman played at GA, a combination that hasn’t had much match practice but both players embraced the change and managed to hold their own with accurate passing and good communication.

Libby Harman and Hannah Cartwright comfortably passed up and down the court ensuring Shiplake’s shooters were not alone, offering support when needed, with fast and accurate passes straight into the D.

Emily Holloway played at GK alongside Lucy Collings (GD). The new defensive duo turned Bearwood’s centre over twice to increase Shiplake’s score. Annabel Seward (WD) managed to intercept many Bearwood passes to help Shiplake’s attack further improve their goal difference.

In the second half, Meg Barron-Cutts came on at GS and proved her shooting practice had paid off by scoring under intense pressure from the Bearwood’s defence.  Further substitutions changed Shiplake’s defensive line up and they had to work hard to prevent Bearwood levelling the scores.

Player of the match Libby Harman worked tirelessly up and down the court fighting for all loose balls and with Sophie now playing back in her preferred position at GA, Shiplake managed to score a further 10 goals to earn a 24-21 victory. It was an excellent performance and result to finish the season off.



1st XI:

Going into the last match of the season Shiplake 1st XI were hoping for one final win to wrap up the season. Mill Hill, however, had other ideas and instantly put Shiplake under a lot of pressure with a high press and quick chasing down. Shiplake found it hard to keep track of the Mill Hill attackers who were playing high and wide and probing the defence regularly. Some scrappy goals for Mill Hill followed and Shiplake went into half time 4–0 down.  This could have signalled the start of a rout however Shiplake came out in the second half and pressed back at Mill Hill and quickly found they were not as good as first thought.  Some excellent movement in midfield and regular spreading of play allowed Shiplake to play a more attacking game and they regularly had Mill Hill pegged back inside their 25.  A goal scored by Yeam Chanthanwan put Shiplake 1–0 up for the half and gave us something to play for.  Unfortunately Shiplake couldn’t keep Mill Hill out for the whole of the second half and the game finished 5–1 to Mill Hill, however a much better performance in the second half showed what the team is capable of and with almost all players returning next year there is plenty to look forward to.


Mill Hill’s superior pace and physicality saw them gain a quick advantage following some clearance work for the Shiplake contingent. However, the U14s rallied, to level following a good short corner routine slotted home by Darius Braun. Further sloppy play allowed Mill Hill to take a 1-2 advantage going into half time. However, it was clear that captain Tim Herbert’s team were starting to break down the Mill Hill defence and shortly after the break they equalised after a blistering counterattack finished by James Smith.

In pressing to finish off the opposition, the Shiplake defence got caught napping by the pace of Mill Hill’s right winger. He calmly went around the back and slipped the ball across to a support player to score unmarked. Further attacks from the Shiplake U14s were repelled as they desperately sought an equaliser but another breakaway effort left the final score 2-4.

Coach Mr Curtis described the match as “a really impressive performance but definitely one that got away!”

Other results:

Shiplake 2nd XI 1-3 Mill Hill School



1st XI:

The Shiplake College 1st XI succumbed to the issues they have had all season away from home when they found themselves 3-0 down within 10mins against Leighton Park on Wednesday. The Shiplake team do not travel well and conceded goals from silly mistakes early on once again. They then started playing and were more than equal to the home side despite conceding a fourth before half time.

The team were tasked with winning the second half and they went out and gave it their all. Suilven Wagner-Piggott & Ruaridh Scott were the pick of a much improved team performance in the second half. Charlie Procter put in the best performance of any player all season from right back. Freddie Ireland, Markland Tidswell and Markus Grunn all had chances to get goals back but the Leighton Park defence stayed strong. No further goals were scored in the second half showing that we were an equal team but it was too late, the damage was done. Plenty to think about next season!


The U16As played the final game of what turned out to be an undefeated season at home to Leighton Park on Wednesday 2nd April. The game was a little scrappy from the start and was fairly evenly matched, Leighton Park using their physicality to their advantage. However, as the game settled into a rhythm Shiplake’s passing game came into its own, winning the ball through Adam Hunt and James Dinsdale in midfield and distributing it out to either wing.

The scoring was opened 15 minutes in and with it the flood gates, as two goals swiftly followed and within 20 minutes Shiplake where comfortably bossing the game at 3-0. As confidence and composure on the ball grew wave after wave of well worked Shiplake attack marauded forward. Several more goals followed but the opposition never gave up and just before the stroke of half time they clawed a goal back. The half finished 8-1 to the home side.

The second half saw several changes to personnel, most notably at the back. The game was still in Shiplake’s favour but not quite so one sided with plenty of battles in the middle of the park. All credit to Leighton Park who put up a good fight until the end, however, they could not stop the U16s adding to their goal tally. The game finished 11-1 to Shiplake and they had completed a goal filled, tournament winning undefeated season.

Other results:

Shiplake 2nd XI 1-4 Leighton Park School