CCF Field Day

All members of the Shiplake College CCF were off site last Monday and Tuesday taking part in a variety of military activities to test what they had learnt during the past eight months.

The Year 10 recruits spent their first night out in the field in hastily-constructed platoon harbours whilst also  enjoying the delights of the British Army Operational 24-hour Ration pack. After a chilly night and an unwelcome storm at 5am, the recruits were woken at 6am to begin their morning routine. There followed a series of stands during the day, in which those who had passed the weapon handling test were able to fire the rifle for the first time during blank firing section attacks under the supervision of Captain Tracey and Lt Seccombe. Other stands included a first aid lesson and scenario run by 2Lt Hart and Squadron Leader Chandler from The London Oratory School CCF, and a command task stand run by Civilian Instructor Griffiths and Pilot Officer Starr. Particular thanks should go to the Year 13 NCO’s who looked after the recruits' needs throughout the night.

The Year 11 and 12 Army and RAF cadets spent much of the day practicing their marksmanship skills on the range at Pirbright Camp under the direction of Lt Col Vasa, with many cadets achieving Marksmanship awards. In addition to time on the range, the Year 11 cadets visited the Museum of the Royal Logistics Corps at Deepcut Barracks and the Year 12 cadets all completed the Method of Instruction course which prepares them for leading and teaching the current Year 9 when they all become recruits in September.

The Royal Navy section sailed and paddled to Hurley and cooked supper for SLt Erasmus, SLt Lowndes and Mr Rendell before camping for the night. After bacon sandwiches on the BBQ next morning,  they paddled back up the Thames, through the showers but also the sunshine,  to Shiplake the next morning.  

Thank you to the Contingent Commander Squadron Leader Bridgeman and the rest of the officers for giving up their time to organise this event.