Burr House sponsor Muvea

Burr House has raised £400 to sponsor Muvea Mutunja Bonface to attend secondary school in Kenya. Building on the College’s long-standing relationship with Kikunduku Primary School, College expeditions regularly visit, Burr plan to raise £400 a year to fund Muvea’s secondary education.

Primary education is state-funded in Kenya but parents have to pay for secondary education.  Muvea has no father and his mother has little income. A hand-written letter from Wilson Kiviuva Nguta, Kikuduku Primary School Headmaster, pays tribute to Muvea’s academic excellence. Statistically Muvea’s best examination results were Kiswahil (82%), Science (75%) and English (72%).

Burr has raised the funds through cake-sales and pizza evenings. In addition Andy Dix, Housemaster, was sponsored to run the Reading half-marathon. However, Muvea’s education is a long-term project and the House will have to put together plans to raise £400 annually for several more years.