Boarding is an integral part of life at Shiplake and our boarding ethos underpins the day to day life of each pupil who attends the school. Boarding is no longer seen as a momentous decision as the College provides the flexibility to satisfy individual family needs. Flexi-boarding and overnight stays are available, giving parents and pupils the best of both worlds.

Flexi-boarding reflects an upfront inclusive rate for pupils who regularly board for up to 2 nights per week. This rate represents a discount of approximately 10% over the equivalent number of individual overnight stays. Overnight stays are available to day pupils on a regular or ad-hoc basis where there is availability.

Flexi-boarding and overnight stays are becoming increasingly popular for boys and girls for their convenience and flexibility. There are many reasons why these options might be ideal for families. Pupils who have long daily commutes to and from school might prefer to break up their travelling by spending a night or two in a boarding house during the week. It is also a useful and practical option for those who have high co-curricular commitments, in sport, music, drama or CCF. Many pupils, particularly as the progress into examination year groups, wish to dedicate more time to prep and revision, which being in school for longer periods allows them.

There are of course many social benefits attached to boarding. Pupils benefit from living together and develop a range of interpersonal skills which will serve them well in life beyond school. We have observed that boarding, even on an intermittent basis, helps pupils to become more mature and self-confident, whilst understanding the importance of teamwork. Most of all, Shiplake provides a fun, active environment where pupils thoroughly enjoy living.

Flexi-boarding or overnight stays can provide welcome and convenient support for parents who have busy work schedules, either at home or abroad. It also allows parents to take short breaks or holidays during term-time, without disrupting their child's education. You will  always be safe in the knowledge that your child is safe and being well looked after. Boarding arrangements can remain flexible throughout the year; pupils who are on the flexi-boarding status are guaranteed a bed two nights a week (preferably the same nights). Overnight stays need only be booked 48 hours in advance, subject to availability. Click here to view the current flexi-boarding and overnight stay prices.


Boarders are confident, courteous and self-reliant, demonstrating a high level of maturity.
ISI Inspection - Spring 2015