In 2012, Shiplake College invested in a new eLibrary service and digital subscriptions. This decision was guided by the preferences and trends of 21st century teenagers, who love to read and learn using electronic devices.

The eLibrary contains an enormous collection of books, far more than could ever be held in a physical library, which pupils can access on any device using any Wi-Fi network. This has had a positive influence on pupils’ reading habits, as they choose to read for pleasure more willingly.

The online service, powered by VLeBooks, enables pupils to choose from over a million written titles and a small section of audiobooks for free. Reading is encouraged inside and outside the classroom as the eLibrary is frequently integrated into English lessons. This creates a real enthusiasm and excitement for reading amongst pupils.

The College is certainly not a ‘book-free zone’, with a number of paperbacks and subject specific reference books available in the departments and the Thinking Space. Pupils are encouraged to access the books in which ever format they feel most comfortable - physical or digital.  

The latest VLeBooks mobile app allows pupils to transfer between devices and platforms without losing their place in a book. Once borrowed books have been finished and returned, the system suggests new titles based on the reader’s search history. This helps children to discover new authors and series which they would enjoy.

Further information can be found on the VLeBooks website.