We are proud to offer an individually-tailored academic programme which can support, stretch and challenge pupils of all academic abilities. As well as helping pupils requiring core learning development support to achieve their goals, the College is equally adept at catering for the most academically astute.

Several Oxbridge candidates have emerged from Shiplake in recent years, with many more leaving us to travel to Russell Group universities. These pupils are generally identified as gifted and talented upon joining the College, although it is not uncommon for other pupils to progress to this level during their time at Shiplake, having benefitted from the first-class academic and personal support afforded to them.

Gifted and talented pupils are pushed to reach their potential in a number of ways. Differentiated work is set during class and for prep in order to build pupils’ knowledge sufficiently to access the highest possible grades at each Key Stage. The top sets in each subject often go above and beyond the core curriculum to enhance overall topic understanding.

The progress of all pupils is closely monitored by academic tutors, who ensure high achieving pupils remain sufficiently challenged across all academic areas at all times. Furthermore, gifted and talented pupils are encouraged to select co-curricular activities which further promote the pursuit of intellectual discovery and exploration, including Current Affairs Club, Chemistry Club and the Debating Society.

Exemplum Docet Society

The Exemplum Docet Society (named for the school motto, meaning 'the example teaches') is run by Assistant Head Academic, Mr Paul Jones. The society exists to provide academic enrichment opportunities for those who are in receipt of an academic scholarship, and is also open to pupils who have been identified as exceeding expectations in the classroom. The society enjoys visits from external speakers, such as BBC producers, as well as challenging discussions and debates, and the chance to go on a variety of trips.