Pastoral Care

The pastoral care system at Shiplake is delivered primarily through the House system.  The Housemaster or Housemistress is in overall charge of the house and can call on the services of several House tutors and the House Matron. 

It is a strength of Shiplake College that every staff member is keen to take the time to gain an understanding of each pupils’ concerns and offer help, or if necessary ensure help is given from other areas. The pastoral care committee meets regularly to ensure that no pupil slips through the net.

The provision of support, advice and guidance is given both through informal contacts and pupils in lesson time and around the campus.  This operates side by side with structures which monitor pupils' academic and social development.  The central block of our reporting system is regular termly Progress Reports, the end of term reports to parents and Year group parents’ conferences.  House tutor meetings occur weekly in which pupils are discussed individually and pastoral matters as well as academic matters are raised.