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At Shiplake College we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils. As a school that has a broad admissions policy, taking into account all aspects of a pupil’s potential on entry, it is natural that our results will have a greater span than those schools who actively select according to academic ability.

That said, there has been an upward trend in GCSE and A Level results over the last ten years; a reflection of a greater focus on academic rigour. Many of our pupils achieve far higher grades than they were predicted to when they joined Shiplake College, with value-added at an academic and personal level a considerable strength of the school. The academic results from recent years are displayed below.

A Level and GCSE Results Summary


  2017* 2016 2015 2014 2013
A*-A 31% 23% 21% 28% 18%
A*-B 62% 53% 58% 56% 49%
A*-C 91% 91% 88% 86% 76%
A*-C (5 or more) 91% 93% 95% 87% 89%
A*-G (Pass) 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

*2017 figures show increase from 30% (A*-A) and 60* (A*-B) following remarks

A Level and BTEC

  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
A*-A (or equivalent) 52% 41% 36% 28% 31%
A*-B 72% 64% 55% 42% 52%
A*-C 88% 87% 74% 72% 76%
A*-E (Pass) 100% 100% 99% 97% 99%

Please note that the College does not normally supply a breakdown of results by subject as some departments are limited in terms of numbers which can easily affect percentages. In addition, such data does not necessarily reflect any value-added scores, for example some significant achievements at both the upper and lower grade levels.

Sixth Form Results 2017

Shiplake College has once again received a record-breaking set of Sixth Form results. Most significantly is the rise of A*-A grades or equivalent, from 41% in 2016 to 52%*, with A*-B also seeing a leap from 64% to 72%. The 2017 leavers have maintained the 100% pass rate seen for the first time last year, with the number of A*-C grades creeping up from 87% to 88%.

Headmaster, Gregg Davies, comments: “My congratulations to this record-breaking year group. What strikes me is that almost every pupil has achieved at least one or two top marks each, with an average of 140 UCAS points per student overall, the equivalent of over AAB. The statistic of the year, perhaps, is the astounding average value-added score of 0.4. This figure is twice as good as last year and demonstrates the improvement in grades compared to baseline data collected early in the Sixth Form, using the ALIS and ALPS national performance benchmark schemes. Such a strong value-added performance is hugely rewarding, not least for the staff, and will no doubt have helped cross grade boundaries in a number of cases. My particular congratulations to the Economics, Philosophy and Art departments for not just excellent value-added scores but also fantastic overall A*-B results.

Many of our best-performing subjects are those that were in the first tranche to be ‘reformed’, as part of the changes in Government policy. This gives evidence that the linear (non-modular) format, with an examination only at the end of Year 13, may have been of benefit to our students. This, coupled with the vitally important role of our staff in ensuring that pupils are studying the right course, stands us in good stead for this September’s Year 12 cohort, when students embark on just three courses from the start. Not only will this allow for increased teaching time for each subject but I am excited to see the introduction of our PULSE (Personal Understanding, Learning Skills and Enrichment) programme, which will see all pupils achieving an additional qualification of either the EPQ or CoPE.

Particular mention should go to Tia Dinescu and Emily Duncan for each achieving 3 A* grades and an A* in their EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Emily plans to read Civil Engineering whilst Tia joins 2016 leaver Oli Riley as they head to Cambridge University to read English and Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion respectively. Kieran Leach received 2A*s and a B and is off to read Film and TV Production at York. Congratulations also to Finn Arbuckle, George Docwra and George Gundry, who each achieved a UCAS score of 192 points or more, the equivalent of 4 As.

The majority of our Year 13 leavers are heading for university, with a selection choosing to pursue management and apprenticeship opportunities within the workplace. Just one of the 73 students who applied to university went through clearing, making a phenomenal 99% of students getting into a university of choice – another record broken. The range of degrees that our Year 13 leavers are going on to do is remarkable, perhaps reflecting the ever-changing landscape of education and employment, and certainly reflecting the exceptional and individualised careers guidance they receive at the College. From Ocean Science to Mechanical Engineering, Architecture to Forensic Psychology and Real Estate Management to Creative Music Technology, I have no doubt that our pupils will go on to be successful in a wide range of interesting careers.

This would not be possible without the pupils’ hard work and determination, along with a modern and versatile approach to subject selection and an even greater focus on performance tracking and reporting processes. Over the last five years we have demonstrated we have done the best for all of our students. Whatever academic Sixth Form courses our pupils follow it's about what is right for them, and it shows that the results will follow. This is backed up by a hugely committed and supportive team of teachers and support staff who provide both an academic and collaborative environment which allows our pupils to develop confidence in themselves and what they can achieve. The creation of a growth mindset through our Shiplake Seven underpins our recent successes. Finally, it almost goes without saying (but important it is said nonetheless) that I am massively proud of this group of leavers - and indeed to their parents for giving them such valuable support at one of the most nerve-racking times of the pupils' lives.”

* Changed from 51% to 52% follow remark

GCSE Results 2017

The trajectory of Shiplake College’s examination results continues on an upward curve. Pupils have set a new record for the number of top grades achieved, with 30% gaining A*-As, a rise of 7%. They have also smashed last year’s A*-B percentage, rising from 53% to 60%. Overall A*-C grades have remained at an impressive 91%.

Headmaster Gregg Davies comments: “These are another set of excellent results, which will put Shiplake amongst a group of leading independent schools in the area. We are proud to be an “all-ability” school where pupils are selected at entry because they show a desire to take advantage not only of an outstanding classroom experience but the other opportunities we offer. We have demonstrated over the past few years that our pupils can achieve excellence whether it be at the top of national levels or simply beyond their own personal goals. Shiplake is a school which is now consistently delivering top results academically and in many other areas.

Whilst most other schools grapple with the new GCSE grading system as part of the Government reforms, we decided to follow the iGCSE route in Maths and English to enable like-for-like results. This decision has meant that pupils’ scripts were not subject to a guinea-pig effect which is inevitable when new schemes are introduced without sufficient support.

Congratulations to Duncan Eglinton, Jamie Gibbs, Rafe Koser, Josh O’Hare, Joseph Ruffle and Morgan Taylor, who all attained 8 A*-As each. Four of these boys have come up through the Lower School. A great many of boys should be proud of meeting and exceeding their own personal targets, whatever they may have been, with a good number celebrating straight A*-B results. The pupils have demonstrated great character and growth mindset as they have applied themselves throughout the year.

I am delighted to see that all departments have achieved a positive value-added score, with English, Maths, Art and Geography all showing particularly strong results. The average score works out at 0.98, the equivalent of a whole grade higher compared to baseline data collected early in Year 9, using the MidYIS national performance benchmark scheme.

Being a teacher can be rewarding in so many ways. Whilst today’s overall results may be a public and deserved recognition of what they have helped achieve, they no doubt mask the moments where they’ve helped pupils learn from mistakes, overcome hurdles or gain understanding and motivation, which will have been just as rewarding, if not more so. My thanks, not only to our team of inspirational teachers, but to the many other support staff at Shiplake, who work together to bring out the best in our pupils, whether that’s in the classroom, on the sports fields, in a co-curricular club or chatting in House; their positive influence cannot be underestimated.

September sees our biggest Year 12 cohort to date, which includes welcoming a record number of girls. Whilst the impact of the GCSE reforms may have just missed our Year 11s, they are the first to embark on our new Sixth Form curriculum, which includes as a focus the development of key skills and the Shiplake Seven attributes, which will be highly valued by both universities and employers at a time when post-school options have never been more varied.

Pupils have strong self-esteem and are confident in their personal values, appreciating the sense of belonging and significance which the small community engenders.
ISI Inspection - Spring 2015