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At Shiplake College we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils. As a school that has a broad admissions policy, taking into account all aspects of a pupil’s potential on entry, it is natural that our results will have a greater span than those schools who actively select according to academic ability.

That said, there has been an upward trend in GCSE and A Level results over the last ten years; a reflection of a greater focus on academic rigour. Many of our pupils achieve far higher grades than they were predicted to when they joined Shiplake College, with value-added at an academic and personal level a considerable strength of the school. The academic results from recent years are displayed below.

Sixth Form and GCSE Results Summary


  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
9-7 (A*-A) 26% 31% 23% 21% 28% 18%
9-6 (A*-B) 47% 62% 53% 58% 56% 49%
9-4 (A*-C) 89% 91% 91% 88% 86% 76%
9-4 (A*-C) 5 or more 86% 91% 93% 95% 87% 89%
9-1 (A*-G) (Pass) 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Sixth Form Results

  2018* 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
A*-A (or equivalent) 42% 52% 41% 36% 28% 31%
A*-B 61% 72% 64% 55% 42% 52%
A*-C 83% 88% 87% 74% 72% 76%
A*-E (Pass) 100% 100% 100% 99% 97% 99%

Sixth Form results include the grades, or equivalent, of A Levels, BTECs, Tech Level and EPQ qualifications.

*Updated to include all remarks.

NB: 2018 reflects the results from the A Level and GCSE government reforms.

Please note that the College does not normally supply a breakdown of results by subject as some departments are limited in terms of numbers which can easily affect percentages. In addition, such data does not necessarily reflect any value-added scores, for example some significant achievements at both the upper and lower grade levels.

Sixth Form Results 2018

Shiplake College leavers celebrated after collecting a strong set of sixth form examination results in 2018. Headmaster, Gregg Davies, comments:

"The average number of UCAS points achieved by the class of 2018, earned through the range of sixth form qualifications that we now offer, is 129, equivalent to ABB. An impressive 42% of our pupils gained A*-A grades or equivalent, and 83% A*-C, with a pass rate of 99.6%.

We are proud to be an all-ability school and despite the more demanding examinations and government reforms, these pupils will be leaving school fully equipped for the next stage of their lives. I am impressed by the variety of degree subjects and university destinations our leavers are going on to, with a small number choosing to pursue degree apprenticeships or go straight into employment. They have chosen courses that will stand them in good stead as graduates in 2021, for a life increasingly dominated by AI and the need to manage the interface between humans and robots. Popular destinations this year include Exeter, Oxford Brookes, Newcastle and Bournemouth, and they, along with the other institutions, will be gaining some fine Shiplake Old Vikings in September.

My thanks to the interminable commitment of my colleagues whose hard work and care does not go unrecognised and congratulations to those departments that secured 100% A*-C grades at A Level, including Art, Computer Science, DT, Philosophy, Physical Education and Photography. Economics, English Literature and Maths also achieved strong A*-C results."

GCSE Results 2018

The wait is over and Shiplake College students have been celebrating this morning after collecting their GCSE results. The Thinking Space was alive with pupils, parents and teachers, generating a joyful atmosphere, on what was otherwise a damp and wet morning. Headmaster, Gregg Davies, comments:

“I am very happy with this set of results following the reformed, tougher, GCSE examinations. I am particularly pleased with the number of top 9 and 8 grades, the majority in mathematics, English and the sciences, including three students achieving two 9s in combined science. Congratulations to Matthew Waller, Rory Diez-Harrison, Rhys Ash, Farhad Huseynli, Sam Rogers and Cameron Jones for achieving at least 8 results at grade 7 or above, the equivalent to A-A**. Matthew Waller deserves a special mention for being awarded an A* with Distinction, known as an A^ or A hat, in further mathematics – identifying him as one of the top-performing mathematicians in the country.

Whatever is said in the media, social or otherwise, this set of pupils nationally (and their teachers) have been the 'guinea pigs' for a new set of examinations. I, like many school leaders, have been appalled at the way certain changes to syllabi have been introduced. It says much about the character of our pupils and teachers that the results this year are, in the majority, very positive.

88.5% of grades were awarded at 4 or above, the equivalent of the former C grade. mathematics, English and the individual and combined sciences all performed strongly, with religious studies reaching an outstanding 91% at grade 6 or above, the equivalent of the former B grade.

Our preliminary average value-added scores again appear very positive with the average result meaning that there was an improvement from baseline data of around a grade. English Literature and mathematics should be highlighted as performing particularly well.

This particular year group have demonstrated great courage and resilience during the examination period and I could not be prouder of them. The majority of the boys achieved the grades required to read their chosen Sixth Form subjects and I look forward to seeing a great many of them when they return to join Year 12 in September.”

Pupils have strong self-esteem and are confident in their personal values, appreciating the sense of belonging and significance which the small community engenders.
ISI Inspection - Spring 2015