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At Shiplake College we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils. As a school that has a broad admissions policy, taking into account all aspects of a pupil’s potential on entry, it is natural that our results will have a greater span than those schools who actively select according to academic ability.

That said, there has been an upward trend in GCSE and A Level results over the last ten years; a reflection of a greater focus on academic rigour. Many of our pupils achieve far higher grades than they were predicted to when they joined Shiplake College, with value-added at an academic and personal level a considerable strength of the school. The academic results from recent years are displayed below.

Sixth Form and GCSE Results Summary


  2023 2022 2021** 2020* 2019 2018 2017 2016
9-8 (A*) 14% 15% 27% 16% 11% 11%    
9-7 (A*-A) 33% 35% 47% 33% 24% 26% 31% 23%
9-6 (A*-B) 59% 60% 69% 56% 42% 47% 62% 53%
9-4 (A*-C) 95% 97% 97% 94% 88% 89% 91% 91%
9-4 (A*-C) 5 or more inc Eng & Maths 95% 99% 99% 95% 94% 86% 91% 93%
9-1 (A*-G) (Pass) 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

* 2020 results reflect the CAGs (Centre-Assessed Grades) given by the College following the cancellation of public examinations due to the COVID pandemic.

** 2021 results reflect the TAGs (Teacher-Assessed Grades) given by the College following the cancellation of public examinations due to the COVID pandemic.

Sixth Form Results

  2023^ 2022 2021** 2020* 2019 2018 2017 2016
A*-A (or equivalent) 32% 41% 70% 55% 37% 42% 52% 41%
A*-B 62% 68% 85% 77% 64% 61% 72% 64%
A*-C 88% 92% 98% 93% 86% 83% 88% 87%
A*-E (Pass) 99.7% 99% 100% 100% 99.4% 100% 100% 100%

Sixth Form results include the grades, or equivalent, of A Levels, BTECs, Tech Level and EPQ qualifications.

^ 2023 results updated as mark reviews came back with changes.

* 2020 results reflect the CAGs (Centre-Assessed Grades) given by the College following the cancellation of public examinations due to the COVID pandemic.

** 2021 results reflect the TAGs (Teacher-Assessed Grades) given by the College following the cancellation of public examinations due to the COVID pandemic. 

NB: 2018 reflects the results from the A Level and GCSE government reforms.

Please note that the College does not normally supply a breakdown of results by subject as some departments are limited in terms of numbers which can easily affect percentages. In addition, such data does not necessarily reflect any value-added scores, for example some significant achievements at both the upper and lower grade levels.

Sixth Form Results 2023

Smiles, croissants and sunshine were the order of the day as the Class of 2023 arrived to collect their Sixth Form Results this morning. With 88% of results being A*-C (or equivalent), an increase from 86% in pre-pandemic's 2019, there was a very happy atmosphere overall. 

The Headmaster, Mr Tyrone Howe, comments: “I am immensely proud of this cohort who did not get the chance to go through the GCSE examination cycle but have shown great resilience and determination in their approach to this year’s examinations. 93% of leavers have been accepted into their first or second choice university (same as in 2022), with Cardiff and Exeter as the most popular destinations as we see nine and seven heading there respectively. There has also been an increase in the number of pupils heading to top third (52%) and Russell Group (41%) universities, compared to last year's 39% and 26%. The range of subjects being studied at these two universities alone reflect the wide range of passions, ambitions and pathways of our pupils: History, Marketing, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Drama and Creative Writing, Business Management, Sociology and Philosophy, Architecture, Criminology, Midwifery, Law and Politics, and Geography. Other courses include Dentistry, Physics, Medicine, Economics, Mechanical Engineering and Accounting. 

We have seen a reduction in the number of pupils taking vocational subjects, with 13% of the 325 grades being BTECs or CTECs, compared to 25% in 2019. In that year, 19% of A-level grades alone were A*-A and this year it is 25%, which is particularly pleasing given the national headlines of a dip in top-end results, and this reflects our sustained focus on academic rigour in the last four years.

There have been some brilliant individual achievements throughout the year group, with congratulations to the following leavers who achieved A*-A across the board: Martha Berry, Freddie Carlsson, Leo Creighton, Callum Fitzsimons, Saffron Goggins, Matthew Grundy, Jamie King, Zac Morrison, Joe Rogers, Sylvan Verzone.”

September 2023: Following mark reviews, the % of A*-A grades went up from 30% to 32%.

GCSE Results 2023

Shiplake College pupils are celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results. The Headmaster, Tyrone Howe, comments: “As we return to pre-pandemic levels it is a chance to compare to the 2019 results and celebrate how far we’ve come. The number of grades at 9-8 has increased from 11% in 2019 to 14%, and 33% were grades 9-7, compared to 24%. Just as pleasing is the 95% of pupils achieving grades 9-4, compared to 2019 an increase of 6%. Even more satisfying is that some of these headline figures are in line with or better than the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) of 2020. 

It is important to note that this cohort spent much of Years 8 and 9 in lockdown, a key period of growth and development for academic skills. These results are testament to the efforts of the teachers, who continue to go above and beyond for their pupils, and the outstanding work done over this time and since. These efforts also went a long way to supporting pupils’ wellbeing when it was being challenged most. 

Witnessing pupils celebrating with their parents, teachers and peers is incredibly heartwarming – there are so many pupils who wore smiles of well-earned satisfaction, or shock at exceeding expectations, and as educators these are really special moments for us. Shiplake pupils are increasingly ambitious and aspirational, and they are holding themselves to higher standards, looking for those personal bests. Particular congratulations to James Bizior, Crosby Burnett, Josh Dawn and Jonathan Kowal who achieved 9-7 grades across the board.

Thank you to all the staff who have worked tirelessly to support the pupils over the years and helped give them the focus required during the examination period itself. Congratulations to the History department, which sees 71% of grades at 9-7. Computing, Drama, DT, Art, English Literature all achieved 100% 9-4, along with Biology, Chemistry and Physics for those taking Single Science. 

Having confirmed their Sixth Form subject choices, we look forward to welcoming our pupils back in less than two weeks’ time, along with girls and boys joining from other schools, as they start their Year 12 experience.”