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#5 - 1962

On 20 September 1962, Shiplake Court Ltd was granted arms by the College of Heralds.

The original documentation is framed and hanging on the wall just in the entrance to the College reception. Amongst the beautiful calligraphy is a description of the coat of arms, which reads:

"Azure a Chevron Gules fimbriated Argent between in chief two Viking Ships Pennons flying on Sails set Silver and in base a pair of Scales Gold. And for the crest on a Wreath Tenne Azure and Gules. In front of the battlements of a Tower Sable an Owl prosper on  the same are in the margin here of more plainly depicted to be borne by Shiplake Court Limited on Seats or otherwise and used by and for Shiplake Court according to the Laws of Arms."

The grant of Arms by the College of Heralds was made possible by a fundraising campaign led by parents. The motto Exemplum Docet translates to ‘Teach by Example’, which former staff member David Welsh distilled from a text in the Great Hall's stained glass that read 'discreet example is the last sermon' (the beginning of which is still visible today!).

In an address to parents that academic year, Mr Carter-Ruck, the Chairman of Governors, said:

"The School Motto is one I would commend to you, if I may, in connection with the appeal of which I have just spoken. Some of you are here as founder parents, some as founder Old Boys. Let us lead the way and set an example to those who follow."

The crest now forms part of the School logo and is recognisable throughout various locations around the College.

1962 was also the year the Old Viking Society held their first AGM with 12 members in attendance. It was agreed that the Society would be called the Old Viking Society and that members would be known as Old Vikings.