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Mission Statement

Shiplake College aims to provide an inclusive, supportive and inspirational environment in which pupils can flourish.

We encourage pupils to:

  • Set their own personal best, whatever their ability
  • Be challenged and enriched by a wide range of educational opportunities, both within the curriculum and outside it
  • Achieve a measure of personal success in at least one area of school life

We aim to give the time, guidance and support to enable every pupil to develop the confidence and self-esteem to:

  • Lead a full and responsible life in both work and play
  • Respect the needs of others and exercise tolerance, compassion and humility
  • Understand the meaning of service and selflessness
  • Appreciate the meaning of Christian values

We are convinced that every pupil has value, their own little bit of magic, and it is our duty to find and embrace it.


We aim to develop a range of personal qualities that will enable pupils to become compassionate, confident, and committed members of society by:

  • Providing a whole school culture based around the three core values of the College (Inclusive, Individual, Inspirational)
  • Providing academic performance based on the structure of the "Shiplake Seven" (Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Reflection, Determination, Motivation, Independence, Creativity)
  • Educating and supporting physical and mental wellbeing
  • Providing a structured environment which challenges pupils to cultivate an ordered life, to accept personal responsibility and to form the values and habits that permit discovery and ethical pursuit of their own highest purpose
  • Enabling them to become familiar with the skills, knowledge, principles and vocabulary of their subjects
  • Stimulating creativity and innovation
  • Stimulating their interest, enjoyment, curiosity and concern about the environment
  • Developing skills that will enable the making of reasoned decisions in order to play an articulate and informed role in their society
  • Providing opportunities designed to increase self-esteem and self confidence
  • Reinforcing the fundamental requirement of kindness within our environment
  • Teaching the importance of a sense of humour together with humility
  • Providing a co-curricular and sports programme that encourages and develops life-long personal fitness and character through a variety of team and individual opportunities
  • Providing an arts programme that encourages and supports self-discovery and creative expression in music, visual arts and theatre