Shiplake College is an independent boarding and day school for boys aged 11 to 18 and girls aged 16 to 18. Situated in 45 acres of beautiful Oxfordshire countryside near Henley-on-Thames, we offer an outstanding education based on small class sizes, excellent facilities and dedicated teaching staff.

Shiplake College is not just a place to learn, but a place to live. Our mixture of boarders and day pupils form a vibrant and busy community; where every day brings fresh challenges and new opportunities. The environment we provide is perfect for those who are able or have the desire to make the most of these opportunities. We are proud of what our pupils achieve, and so are they.

Studying at Shiplake is a unique experience. In line with the values which underpin our College ethos, our pupils should expect to be included, be individual and be inspired throughout their time at school. Not only will your child be equipped with key interpersonal qualities, which we have identified in the Shiplake Seven, we will help them discover and develop talents they never knew they had.

Be Included 

Shiplake has a wholly inclusive environment spanning all areas of College life. All pupils are valued regardless of academic prowess, artistic flair or sporting ability, with opportunities for all to join in and try new things. In the classroom, pupils are not asked to copy down endless notes. Instead, teachers face the class, or sit amongst them. All pupils are invited and expected to contribute. After all, active learning is far more effective than passive. Notes are often emailed, or better still, shared online where pupils can comment, add or disagree, leading to further discussion in class.

Multiple sports teams are fielded in each year group, to give everyone the honour and excitement of representing their College. Every boy in Year 7 is immediately entered into the Lower School orchestra, regardless of their ability or experience. Some play in their first concert just weeks after picking up an instrument. The Headmaster, meanwhile, invites those in senior year groups uncertain about their choral ability to join his very own choir. These are just some examples of how every pupil is placed at the heart of Shiplake life.

Be Individual

We are a small community where the utmost effort is made to get to know each and every person. We are renowned for providing exceptional pastoral care, underpinned by our traditional house system. Every boy and girl becomes extremely well known to their Housemaster and personal tutor. All aspects of pupils’ welfare and progress are continually monitored, to ensure they remain contented throughout their time at Shiplake.

In an academic sense, each pupil’s best method of learning is identified and catered for. In small classes, pupils receive engaging and innovative teaching tailored to their needs. High achieving pupils are continually stretched while those requiring additional support can access it in a variety of ways.

Teaching and learning does not just take place in the classroom. We recognise and respect that every individual is unique, and thus their greatest talents lie in various fields. Interpersonal skills and confidence are discovered through our extensive programme of co-curricular activities. There really is something for everyone.

Be Inspired

Inspiration fuels every element of life at Shiplake and defines the unique culture of our College. The environment we provide encourages pupils to take inspiration from their teachers, their surroundings, and each other; stimulating all areas of personal development.

We continue to invest heavily in best serving the needs of the young people in our care. We recruit highly motivated teaching staff with an ability and passion to inspire future generations. We ensure pupils have the best possible learning resources at their disposal, including the revolutionary new Thinking Space. This environment is specifically designed to develop a positive attitude towards learning, which grows alongside pupils’ increasing maturity and commitment as they move through their education.

Visit Us

Feeling inspired? The best way to gain a true understanding of what life at Shiplake College can offer is to come and visit us. We warmly invite you to meet our Headmaster, take a tour with a current pupil and discover if Shiplake is the right school for your child.

The best decision we ever made to come to Shiplake – the worst decision not to have come earlier!
Year 10 Parent