An incredible effort from the @_CollegeHouse_ boys. We are aiming for 700 kilometres on the ergo as a group. We are raising money for The Kikunduku School Project (GAP AFRICA). @ShiplakeCollege @BurrHouse @SkipwithHouse @EverettShiplake @WelshHouse @ShipOrch @Gilson_House Posted about 11 hours ago


The curriculum at Shiplake is regularly reviewed and updated to match trends in the national curriculum and ensure pupils are being taught the most relevant and suitable content in each and every subject.

As well as updating topics taught in lower year groups and syllabus specifications at GCSE and A Level, we regularly introduce new subjects and courses to cater for pupils’ demands. This has led to the introduction of subjects such as Computing, Psychology and Sport BTEC.

Specialist staff are recruited to provide quality teaching across all seventeen academic departments. Please visit the individual department pages for further information about the resources, curriculum, and additional opportunities in each subject. 

Inspirational multi-sensory teaching is delivered in small classes
Gregg Davies - Headmaster