An incredible effort from the @_CollegeHouse_ boys. We are aiming for 700 kilometres on the ergo as a group. We are raising money for The Kikunduku School Project (GAP AFRICA). @ShiplakeCollege @BurrHouse @SkipwithHouse @EverettShiplake @WelshHouse @ShipOrch @Gilson_House Posted on Mar 22


Sport is a central part of Shiplake life. Lush, expansive grounds provide a perfect setting for sports fixtures throughout the year, while our thriving Boat Club enjoys easy access to our very own stretch of the River Thames.

The high quality facilities allow pupils to enjoy representing their school and further enhancing Shiplake’s proud sporting reputation. Although we are relatively small in terms of pupil numbers, we have a reputation for ‘punching above our weight’ across various sports. Many of our staff possess impressive sporting pedigrees of their own, which has helped to develop a strong coaching team and allow Shiplake pupils to realise their potential. Several boys and girls have gone on to reach regional and national level.

That said, the major focus of school sport is on inclusivity, with multiple teams fielded in each year group to give everyone an opportunity to represent Shiplake. Timetabled ‘games’ sessions are scheduled almost every day to ensure all pupils are heavily involved in physical activity.

In addition to competing in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, regular sports tours allow Shiplake teams to compete across the globe. These provide fantastic cultural experiences which live long in the memory.

We are very pleased to be partnering with local company Sponsure, to offer new sport sponsorship opportunities. You can see all of our current sports sponsorships packages here. Please do get in touch through Sponsure if any of these would be of interest to you.

10 the number of sports in which Shiplake teams compete across the academic year