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All catering at Shiplake College is provided by the bespoke and unique catering company Thomas Franks Ltd. The team has a passion for food, using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The team of well-experienced and creative chefs at Shiplake delivers well-thought-out, varied, and delicious meals at lunch and dinner for all pupils. Throughout the servery, you will find plenty of options for every dietary requirement as standard, including two counters filled with hot food inspired by menus from around the world. Not to mention the jacket potato bar and a seriously impressive artisan salad bar that is handmade every day using fresh ingredients, along with utilising surplus ingredients. For those who enjoy 'undressed' salads, there is that option too!

Not only does the team produce an extensive salad bar and hot counter, but there are also choices for those who just wish to grab and go, such as a soup station and baguette stand. The menus are designed to reflect the hustle and bustle of the school day, with all meals being nutritionally balanced and curated by our chefs and the Thomas Franks in-house nutrition team, ensuring that pupils are well-fed to keep up with their busy lives.

For those boarding, there is a choice of hot and cold breakfast items such as variations of the classic full English, with specials on certain days throughout the week, porridge, cereal, yogurt, and fruit. Weekends hold the same care and energy that the meals have during the week, with brunch being held on Sunday as a more relaxing start for those on-site.

Thomas Franks make lunchtime a relaxing and enjoyable part of the day with seasonal and event-inspired pop-ups providing that extra bit of joy to the school day, a pupil favourite being our Christmas dinner in December.

With a focus and great knowledge of nutrition, the College caters to all special diets, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. The catering team explore using a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and vegan/vegetarian proteins to keep up with current trends and are using more whole grains and less refined sugars across the menus to support our fantastic sports teams and give them the long-lasting energy they need.

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