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If you would like to speak to a current parent about their experience of Shiplake, we would be delighted to put you in touch. Just contact the Admissions team on 0118 940 5221. 

Good Schools Guide

Find us in the Muddy Stilettos School Reviews guide

The Good Schools Guide is an independent and impartial British directory written “by parents, for parents.” The guide is compiled by a team of editors who visit schools on a regular basis, interviewing parents, staff and pupils and collecting the valuable knowledge and insights that data and league tables alone cannot provide. The creators describe it as “the straight-talking, independent, unbiased and fun-guide to UK state and private schools”.

An editor of the publication visited the College in the Summer Term of 2023 and we warmly encourage prospective and current parents to read the latest Good Schools Guide review of Shiplake College.

Muddy Stilettos

Find us in the Muddy Stilettos School Reviews guide

Muddy Stilettos "give a genuine insight into each school they visit, with informal super-useful advice from their editors - parents, just like you."

Please click here to read the Muddy Stilettos independent review of Shiplake College.

Talk Education

Find us in the Muddy Stilettos School Reviews guide

Talk Education provides "a free guide to the world's best private schools" where you can "read reviews, compare favourites and find the perfect school for your child."

We welcomed an editor from Talk Education to our school in June 2018 and again in June 2021. Its final paragraph reads "With their natty Regatta-inspired striped blazers, pupils here are treated to an all-round education in a mixed-ability environment where personal bests are championed above all else. Progress is celebrated just as heartily as achievement, and opting in and saying yes are at the heart of ensuring that every pupil has the opportunity to be recognised. It’s a clear message, amply summed up by the school’s three core values: ‘inclusive, individual and inspirational’. We suggest you take a look.”

Please click here to read the Talk Education independent review of Shiplake College.