An incredible effort from the @_CollegeHouse_ boys. We are aiming for 700 kilometres on the ergo as a group. We are raising money for The Kikunduku School Project (GAP AFRICA). @ShiplakeCollege @BurrHouse @SkipwithHouse @EverettShiplake @WelshHouse @ShipOrch @Gilson_House Posted about 11 hours ago


Shiplake College are currently offering summer camps in both rowing and art.

The Rowing Camp has been running since 2015 and proves hugely popular every year catering for 50 students per week and giving access to Shiplake College’s enviable fleet of boats and our own very experienced and professional coaches. We hope that the 5 day camp gives students an insight in to what it is like to be part of one of the UK’s most successful rowing schools, whilst also developing their skills out on the river.

The newly launched Art Camp will begin in 2019. The course is designed to give students access to the College’s excellent art facilities as well as expert tuition in developing new techniques and skills with a variety of mixed media.

The rowing camp has a residential option, where students will be able to take part in rowing during the day whilst then being able to enjoy a variety of evening activities. Students are accommodated in one of the College’s boarding houses offering single rooms with shared bathroom facilities and full board, with food provided by our excellent catering team.

Further information on all camps can be found by looking at our Twitter feed @ShiplakeCamps or by emailing