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The College prides itself on implementing innovative multi-sensory teaching methods in the classroom wherever possible. This is achieved by incorporating various forms of modern technology, recruiting passionate staff with a natural ability to inspire young people, and challenging our teachers to use various learning methods to suit every pupil. This includes initiatives such as 'flipped classroom', where teachers film lessons and ask pupils to watch them for 'prep', leaving time in the classroom open to assist pupils with their work. 

By providing individually-tailored support, we are able to stretch, support and challenge learners with varying levels of natural academic aptitude. There is no ‘standard’ Shiplake pupil. We know that everyone is unique and this is reflected in our teaching, as well as other aspects of our care.

This is why Shiplake is an equally suitable learning environment for those striving to achieve straight As or A*s, and those who require additional learning development. This results in a diverse community where all are given opportunities to display and develop their individual talents.

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