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The insurances detailed below are currently available.

Personal Effects

Unless covered by their home household policy, parents are strongly advised to take out the Personal Effects insurance scheme offered by the school as the main school insurance policy does not cover personal effects. Please note that there are variable cover limits and a claims excess for laptop claims. Please review the policy information document for full details of the policy and exclusions.

If you have recently purchased an approved device from First Technology, you will see that they offer both a 3-year 'Warranty Standard' at £72 and a 3-year 'Warranty Plus' at £240, the latter includes accidental damage for the device only. It is parents' choice whether to opt in to that or to opt in to the policies detailed below. Please contact First Technology with any queries about the device warranties they offer.

Pupil Personal Effects Insurance 2024

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PPE Insurance Product Information

Personal Accident

Pupils are automatically covered by the Pupils’ Personal Accident insurance and there is not an additional charge as this is included within the termly fees. Below is the scheme leaflet for Autumn Term 2024.

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Q&A

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance Marsh Pupil Notice

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance What Is or Is Not Covered

AXA Pupil Healthcare

Parents may opt for pupils to be covered by a private medical scheme. If required, a subscription for AXA PPP is added to accounts to provide cover against the cost of private specialist and hospital treatment. However, this does not cover the cost of prescriptions, dentists and some medical specialists not covered by AXA PPP, and parents will be charged for any extra cost arising from these.

AXA Health Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme School Guide

AXA Pupil Healthcare Scheme 2024 Parent Guide

Pupils Private Medical Insurance Scheme Renewals

Fees Refund Scheme

The School Fees Refund scheme is optional; this scheme secures a refund if your child cannot attend school because of illness or injury.

Fees Refund Scheme 2024

Fees Refund Scheme Information

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Pupils Absence Insurance Scheme