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The Shiplake Parents’ Association was formed in 2009 to promote and organise events to make everyone feel welcome and bring parents together socially to enjoy our very special community. All parents are warmly encouraged to join us at some or all the events and details will be circulated in the weekly Thursday e-bulletin and by year reps. 


The Shiplake PA's mission is "To help bring parents together and support college life by offering social events to encourage a sense of belonging, fun and friendship."

The PA does not exist specifically to raise funds for any purpose, other than to ensure the continued activities of the PA. Ticketed events will normally be priced at a level to ensure that they break even with a moderate attendance level. It is recognised that events will sometimes generate a profit and that wherever possible any excess of funds should be used for the benefit of the College community.

PA Charter

The primary purpose of the Parents’ Association at Shiplake is to promote events to bring all parents together in a social context. A particular focus is to welcome new parents to the Shiplake community.
PA Charter