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#33 - 1990

By September 1990, the view of Shiplake College from the roadside had changed completely and was starting to look like the Shiplake frontage we see today, thanks to the arrival of the Goodwin Building.

The building was named after Aubrey Goodwin who had been a Governor from the outset and was Chairman from the late 1970s and through the 1980s. While his death marked the end of an era, his name was commemorated in this ambitious scheme, entirely forward-thinking, ample in provision and not part of an existing structure.

The development owed much to the architects. The plans are available to view in our online archive

Pupil Henry Tilney wrote about the new building and its opening in The Court Magazine:

"This past year has brought a great change to the face of the school. Now, as you look across the cricket pitch from the Henley-Reading road, there is the impressive sight of the new Goodwin Building. It was a year in the building, at a cost of around £1.2 million, but it was clearly worth it. The Goodwin Building houses the Maths and Physics departments, along with the Graphics Technology room and Woodwork and Metalwork areas. There is even space for a brand new computer room.

The block was opened on Sunday 23 September by Mrs Diana Goodwin, the widow of Mr Aubrey Goodwin. Mr Goodwin had been associated with Shiplake since its foundation and was Chairman of the Board of Governors for 10 years. The Goodwin Building does not only provide the College with 4 new Maths rooms, 3 Physics labs as well as the other facilities, but it has also allowed the rest of the school to be revitalised. The Chemistry and Biology departments now have the Science block all to themselves, which provides much more space. The old Maths block has become the art rooms, and, with the enlarging of the rooms, has become a much more airy place to work. Now, the gallery which was built towards the end of the year, will certainly be used to its full potential. In turn, the English department has taken over the old Art block in the stable yard. This includes a number of new classrooms as well as a word processing room and a fiction library. Other changes which the Goodwin Building has made possible are the establishing of a small Chapel and Divinity room for the Rev’d Dale in the Skipwith basement (now that the workshops have moved), and also the enlargement of the library's stock due to the moving of the fiction library. So, the Goodwin Building has meant a change for the better for the whole school. Everybody, even the people who may not have lessons in the building, will have been affected in some way by it. It is also pleasing to note how attractive the building is; it must surely make a very favourable impression on visitors to the School. To quote Mr Bevan from his speech at the opening ceremony: 'just look what an imaginative architect can do'."

The block was officially opened by Diana Goodwin in an opening ceremony that took place on 23 September 1990.

We just love this photograph of the Sixth Form JCR in 1990 from The Court magazine. The room, located on the top floor of the Jubilee Building is now used as an office. 

Dan Richards, Shiplake's first Rugby International, played for England U18s in the Five Nations series. The Old Viking Society reported about it in their newsletter that year:

Also in 1990:

- The School put on a revival performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.

- The Trekking Society took a large party to Kenya in their annual expedition.

- The first ever Shiplake mass dog walk ‘Dogathon’ took place and around £3000 was raised for local charities!