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#9 - 1966

1966 was the year our annual Inter-House Music Competition was first introduced. The event was adjudicated by the Director of Music at Repton School and each house contributed a piano solo, a part-song, an instrumental solo and a unison song. Below is a snippet from an account of the competition, published in the 1966 edition of The Court.

In 1966 the new sports field was laid. Everett House was updated - attic studies installed and Senior Boys gave up a week of their Christmas holidays to help paint them. With the growth of the school, Chapel services were moved from the Parish Church as it was now too small, to a Chapel established in the Tithe Barn. "Old people" at Reading made hassocks for the school boys to wear in Chapel and Shiplake Parish presented the school with two prayer books and a book stand to help.

A Sixth Form Society was established with the intention to be "a means of promoting and enlarging the cultural interests of its members".

See below a photograph of the 1966 outdoor production of Shakespeare's Henry IV.

David Skipwith died, only three years after leaving as Headmaster. A memorial service was held in Shiplake Parish Church and an address delivered by a close friend is recorded in The Court.

Probably our favourite thing from the archives of 1966 is this quote from Headmaster John Eggar’s speech at Founders' Day: