In addition to the major games options offered to boys and girls at Shiplake, pupils are given the opportunity to try their hand at a whole host of other sporting activities. This provides greater variety to maintain pupils’ enthusiasm for physical activity throughout their time at the College.

Minor sports can be selected as part of pupils’ overall games programmes, enjoyed as an alternative to the major sport played in each term which occupies the majority of coaching time. Alternative options include badminton, basketball, cross country, golf, rugby sevens, softball, squash, swimming, and table tennis. Boarders engage in many of these activities during recreational times.

Furthermore, pupils are given the opportunity to develop skills in extreme-sports such as climbing, mountaineering and abseiling, and in water-sports including kayaking and sailing, through Shiplake’s new outdoor education programme. Specialist tuition is offered through residential trips and on a weekly basis on the College site and in the local area.

Shiplake offers the flexibility required by high-achieving sportsmen and women to maintain their own training and competitive commitments. This is especially relevant to those who excel in a sport which the College does not compete in externally. Sufficient time and resources will be allocated to these pupils in order that their progress in their chosen sport can continue unimpeded. Specialist coaching and tuition will be arranged where appropriate.