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We love nothing more than seeing our Old Vikings sporting a Shiplake blazer. Whether it's lining the banks of the Thames to cheer on the rowers at Henley Royal Regatta or at an OVS social event, the more Shiplake stripy blazers the better!

Old Vikings are eligible and welcome to purchase a standard maroon, gold and black striped Shiplake blazer from our uniform suppliers Schoolblazer. Alternatively, Old Vikings may wish to purchase a made-to-order Shiplake blazer or waistcoat by Perry's.

There are four different blazer types (in Men's/Schooner and Women's/Skylark fits) and one waistcoat: 

The College Blazer (£200.00) - Our iconic blazer in the Shiplake maroon, black and gold stripes with the school crest embroidered onto the chest pocket. 

The Boat Club Blazer (£200.00) - The iconic Shiplake striped blazer with the Boat Club 'crossed oars' emblem embroidered onto the chest pocket. 

The Henley Blazer (£220.00) - Only those who competed at Henley Royal Regatta for Shiplake College are eligible to order the Boat Club blazer complete with the prestigious gold trim. 

The Homegrown Henley Blazer (£230.00) - A nod to our homegrown oarsmen. Those who started their rowing journey at Shiplake (ie those who joined the school in Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9) and went on to represent the College at Henley Royal Regatta are eligible to order The Boat Club blazer complete with prestigious gold trim and gold lining. 

The Henleys Waistcoat (£110.00) - Anyone who has rowed for the College at more than one Henley Royal Regatta is eligible to order a waistcoat. 

Blazers are made to order from our supplier Perry's. Before placing your order, please refer to their measuring guidelines and sizing charts below: 

Women's/Skylark Blazer Sizing Chart

Men's/Schooner Blazer Sizing Chart

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