An incredible effort from the @_CollegeHouse_ boys. We are aiming for 700 kilometres on the ergo as a group. We are raising money for The Kikunduku School Project (GAP AFRICA). @ShiplakeCollege @BurrHouse @SkipwithHouse @EverettShiplake @WelshHouse @ShipOrch @Gilson_House Posted about 11 hours ago


Whilst day pupils and weekly boarders are ordinarily free to go home after their games and sporting commitments on Saturdays, many boarders choose to remain at the College and make use of the College’s fantastic grounds and facilities, or relax after their busy weeks. Supervision of boys is taken care of centrally by Housemasters and senior tutors on a rota system.

Our dedicated Boarding Activities Co-ordinator, Mr Luke Wilson, organises a variety of events and activities for boarders who stay in over the weekend. The activities programme covers a mixture of cultural, social and sporting events. On Sundays, boarders are allowed a ‘lie-in’ or have personal time until brunch at 11.30am. Sunday afternoons are reserved for more active activities, in which all boarders are strongly encouraged to take part.

Examples of activities and trips that we have run are: Trampoline Parks, Waterpolo, Big Tree Climbing, Waterpark, Laserquest, Bowling, Karting, Stand-Up Paddling and a pool and barbecue party.

Please note the cost of the evening and weekend activity programme is included in the termly school fees for all full boarders. Weekly boarders and day pupils are welcome to participate in the weekend trips and activities, and the cost of these will be added to their end-of-term bill.

Exeat weekends occur at intervals throughout the term. Unless a pupil is booked to stay in advance (at additional cost), the House closes for these weekends and all boys, including full boarders, return home to their parents or guardians. Exeats generally begin on a Friday afternoon and run until Sunday evening at 9.00pm.

Please find this term's full boarding programme here.