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The Shiplake Seven is a teaching and learning framework designed to foster and develop key interpersonal qualities in our young people. The seven qualities not only provide a solid foundation for pupils to achieve success throughout their education, but also equip our leavers with the skills they need to enter the next stage of their lives as confident, personable and talented young adults. 

The framework is integrated across the academic and co-curriculum, allowing the seven qualities to be nurtured inside and outside the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to use these skills in their lessons and activities, with staff awarding 'excellence slips' in recognition of notable achievements or good behaviour. Staff meet regularly in cluster groups to share best practice and discuss how each of the qualities can be implemented into teaching and learning.

The Shiplake Seven framework provides fresh energy and direction to our already excellent teaching and learning. The qualities were selected by a panel of teaching staff from a larger pool of attributes put forward by pupils. We firmly believe that these qualities are essential for pupils to achieve success at school and subsequently in their chosen careers. Whilst, of course, these skills were already being developed by teaching across the curriculum, this framework will allow pupils' personal development to be more comprehensively encouraged, monitored and rewarded.

Use the tabs below to discover more about each of the Shiplake Seven.


A curious pupil has an inquisitive mind and actively seeks answers. They are excited by learning and thoroughly enjoy the process. 


An open-minded pupil embraces today and lives for each moment. They are prepared to challenge their own thinking and assumptions. They embrace unfamiliar challenges, explore new opportunities and look for the positives in every experience. 


A motivated pupil has the drive to further their abilities, both inside the classroom and out. They are inspired by learning new skills and broadening their horizons, with an unwavering ambition to succeed.


A reflective pupil understands the need to pause and assess past actions to create a more informed pathway for the future. They are prepared to analyse their own progress, and respond to feedback to achieve their goals. 


A determined pupil takes focused action to achieve success. They understand that effort, endeavour and resilience are crucial for all accomplishments, large and small. 


A creative pupil uses original and imaginative ideas to solve problems. They trust their instinct and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 


An independent pupil enjoys freedom in their studies. They research, respect and respond to the views of others, making intelligent, informed decisions in learning and life choices. They develop a deep understanding of their subjects, fuelled by a genuine desire to learn.

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