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#12 - 1969

In 1969 The College celebrated its tenth anniversary in style with a Summer Ball. The Court magazine from that year makes lots of references to the long hot summer - let’s hope we get much of the same for our 60th anniversary Diamond Ball in June!

We don’t appear to have any photographs from the 1969 Summer Ball, the proceeds of which were used to buy the School’s first minibus, it would be great to see some, please get in touch if you can help.

A short write-up of the event was in the OVS newsletter from October that year:

The Senior Management Team were to invest in the building and grounds. Two new hard tennis courts were laid and the stable yard was asphalted, the terrace re-built. The main school building and water-tower were re-roofed, who remembers the stonework in the Great Hall receiving an impromptu ‘clean’?


At first glance, this photograph of Everett House from the 1969 Prospectus looked instantly recognisable but a photograph taken from what must be the same spot today shows just how much has been done over the last fifty years!

Sticking with Everett House, this round up from The Court is a nice read too:

Other events and news from 1969 included:

A report from Mr Eggar that four boys had been accepted for the Grenfell Mission to Labrador, and glowing reports had been received from the authorities, which was ‘most encouraging’.

Welsh House "Studies Appeal" was launched with the aim to ‘convert as many dormitories as possible into rooms for 2 or 3 boys each, by providing partitions, built-in cupboards and shelves; secondly to convert the old clothes room into a kitchen, now known as the "Common room"; thirdly to partition off the roof-studies so that these should become as soundproof as possible, and to make them suitable for use as reading rooms and quiet study.’

A flu epidemic hit the School, leading to the cancellation of performances of the school play and many sports fixtures.