The Development Office was established in September 2013 to build a network of strong, positive relationships amongst parents, Old Vikings, staff, and other friends and supporters of Shiplake College.

The Development team is responsible for implementing a long-term and integrated fundraising and alumni relations programme. This includes working with the Old Viking Society to provide a calendar of events and reunions, and supporting the Headmaster and governors in achieving their aims to develop the College and realise their vision for the future.

Meet the Team

Katherine Green, Director of Marketing and External Relations, joined Shiplake in September 2013. She is responsible for leading the College's marketing, admissions, fundraising and alumni relations activities. Katherine was previously the Marketing and Development Manager at Cokethorpe School in Witney. Katherine grew up in Henley, moving to Abingdon after graduating from the University of Exeter, but has continued to play for Henley Hockey Club.

Chelsi Challis, Marketing and Communications Officer, joined Shiplake in February 2015, having graduated from Royal Holloway with a Masters Degree. Chelsi supports Katherine with promoting the College and the many events, activities and achievements of its pupils and staff. Chelsi is also responsible for creating the articles and magazines for the OVS and College itself.

Kirsty Jelowitz, Alumni and Events Officer, joined Shiplake in August 2016. Kirsty is the main point of contact for all Old Vikings, and acts as the Secretary for the Old Viking Society, responsible for communications to former pupils and staff of the College. Kirsty also spearheads events for the both the OVS and the College itself, playing an active role in encouraging Old Vikings to be part of the Shiplake community.

Giving to Shiplake College

Regular fundraising is crucial to assist Shiplake College’s ongoing development. In an ever-changing world, thriving and successful schools cannot stand still and must continue to invest and make positive strides forward. Shiplake is a relatively young school and therefore does not possess an endowment that many other schools benefit from. Unfortunately, fee income alone is not sufficient to guarantee that the College will continue to provide the best possible environment and education for our boys and girls in years to come. As a result, we rely on the generosity and kindness of all College stakeholders, who are as committed as we are to ensuring Shiplake remains one of the best small schools in the country.

There are many ways to help the College and its pupils, such as making a donation or organising an event. For further information or to discuss how you can support the College, please contact the Development Office on 0118 9405 222 or email


The first fundraising initiative launched by the Development Office was the John Turner Building £100,000 Campaign. Further information about this campaign is available on the John Turner Campaign page.

£100,000 The target for the John Turner Building Campaign
£100,000 The target for the John Turner Building Campaign
Funding first-class equipment for a first-class facility.
Gregg Davies, Headmaster