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#7 - 1964

1964 was the year that Shiplake Court was renamed Shiplake College. This was John Eggar's first major act as Headmaster. In the summer of 1964 the first cohort of Shiplake students sat their A Level exams; Shiplake College had completed its first cycle of education. J Osborne, one of the original boys to join the school in 1959, was the College's first university entrant, heading to 'London University'.

After charitable trust status was finalised in March 1964, the second phase of a Fundraising Appeal was launched, aiming to raise £30,000 for school building developments. This included a house for the Headmaster in the grounds, a gymnasium and an assembly hall. The plans of which were outlined in the 1964 edition of The Court:

1964 was a great year for some of the College's sports teams. According to The Court magazine, the 1st XI cricketers 'won more games than ever before' and both the senior and junior cross country VIIIs has a 'very successful 1964 season'. The Boat Club's Record Book also chronicles the 'glorious' summer of 1964 for the Boat Club, with the 1st Crew having a 'memorable run of deserved success'. We were delighted to welcome back the members of this crew, V Durman, W Eaton, M Shingler and G Coulton, at last year's More Than A Boathouse dinner.

Can you put names to members of this 1964 Badminton team? We’d love to know, please email the Old Viking office if you think can shed some light.