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#20 - 1977

On 2 July 1977, a riverside concert was held to celebrate the Queen's silver jubilee. A review of the spectacular event was published in The Court:

The Riverside Concert, held on the evening of the 2nd of July, was a delightful occasion. The weather was ideal; the twinkling coloured lights in the dusk, and the lighted windows of the house, gave a festive atmosphere to the proceedings. The first half of the concert was charming and lighthearted, starting in Jubilee fashion with Walton's "Crown Imperial" and ending with the glorious celebratory "Zadok the Priest" by Handel. Much less well known, but quite as exciting, was the 'Adagio for Organ and Strings" by Albinoni. The combination of strings, beautifully played, with the tone of the modern organ, was unusual and particularly suited to the open air, as was the delicate playing of the woodwind in the previous piece, Une Affaire MystÉrieuse dans le Foret ". This proved to be our old friend "The Teddy Bears' Picnic", but so magically arranged by Guillaume Lesage that it had turned into something "rich and strange". Thus heartened and entertained we were ready to enjoy the buffet supper served with wine in the dining hall.

After an exhilarating performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, complete with gunfire, this most enjoyable evening drew to a close by the light of a glorious full moon. But our pleasures were not yet over, for as we slowly and regretfully climbed the steps to the terrace on our way out, we heard the skirl of the bagpipes, and there,, "on the ramparts", as it were, spot-lit at the top of the house, stood a Highlander in full ceremonial dress, playing the Skye Boat Song. One could not have wished for a more beautiful finale.

We love the 70's hair in this photo! Can you identify any members of this Cricket team from 1977?

Also in 1977:

- The Electronics Club spends their time building amplifiers, mending a never-ending stream of radios, motors, record-players, calculators, battery-chargers, which are presented daily to the member of the club from staff and students alike, as well as providing sound and lighting for school plays and concerts.              

- Chess club gained lots of new members and Orchard won the ‘house shield’ for the second year running.

- The second XV Rugby team spent the whole season unbeaten

-  On 26 June 1977, a gaudy was held at College for all age groups. According to the OVS Newsletter “Attendance was a little disappointing but all those who came agreed that it was 'all good fun’. Drinks and lunch were provided on the terrace and there was plenty of sport to watch because it was also Old Boys' Day.”