To contact the Chairman of Governors please write c/o Shiplake College, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 4BW.

Senior Staff

Headmaster: A G S Davies, BSc (St Andrews), Cert Mgmt

Bursar and Clerk to the Governors: J Ralfs
Deputy Head (Academic): P S Jones, BA (Durham), GTP (London), AST
Deputy Head (Pastoral): N J Brown, BA, PGCE (East Anglia)

Assistant Head (Sixth Form): R B Curtis, BEd (Brighton)
Assistant Head (Academic): R M Ebbage, BSc (Roehampton), MSc (Southampton), GTP
Assistant Head (Co-Curricular): A F J Hunt, BEd (University of South Australia)
Assistant Head (Staff Development and Community Outreach): A D Dix, BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Senior Housemaster: A Mallins, BSc (Birmingham), PGCE (Buckingham)
Director of Learning Development: Mrs A Higgins, BEd (Reading), MSc (Brunel), GDL (Kingston), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Director of Sport: M Griffiths, BA (Exeter)


Burr Housemaster: A Mallins, BSc (Birmingham), PGCE (Buckingham)
College Housemaster: R B Curtis, BEd (Brighton), PGCE (Leicester)
Everett Housemaster: T M Armstrong, BA (Exeter), BT (U of T Sydney)
Gilson Housemaster: Mrs A Higgins, BEd (Reading), MSc (Brunel), GDL (Kingston), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Orchard Housemaster: Y Diez-Urkidi, Licenciado Biology (Basque Country), MBA (Insituto Empresa), PGCE (Hull), QTS
Skipwith Housemaster: A P R Duncan, BSc, PGCE (Bath Spa)
Welsh Housemaster: D Rose, BA Hons with QTS (UWE)
Head of Lower School: T Crisford, BSc (Southampton), GTP (Brunel)

Teaching Staff 

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Adamson, Louise (Mrs) Computing Studies BSc (Manchester), PGCE (Reading)
Alcock, Chris English BA, PGCE (Reading)
Armstrong, Tom Everett Housemaster, English BA (Exeter), BT (U of T Sydney)
Batchelor, James Science BSc (Exeter), GTP (Reading)
Bayley, Tom Design Technology BSc (Buckingham Chiltern)
Beckett, Sam Chemistry, Head of Rugby  
Bell, Lisa (Mrs) Learning Development (Part-Time) BA (Liverpool), PGCE (Leeds), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Brenton, David Learning Development, Physics, Exam Officer, Timetabler BSc (Aberdeen), PGCE (Aberystwyth), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Brown, Nick Deputy Head (Pastoral), History BA, PGCE (East Anglia)
Colman-Weller, Lindsay Head of Physics BSc, PGCE (Durham)
Cooper, Jack Geography BSc (Plymouth), PGCE (Exeter)
Coulehan, Judit (Mrs) Learning Development BEd (ELTE)
Cox, Nikki (Mrs) Learning Development (Part-Time) BSc (Cardiff), PGCE (Cambridge)
Crisford, Tom Head of Lower School, Physical Education BSc (Southampton), GTP (Brunel)
Curran, Richard Director of Music BMus, PGCE (Edinburgh)
Curtis, Richard College Housemaster, Mathematics BEd (Brighton), PGCE (Leicester)
D'Rozario, Robert (Dr) Chemistry BSc (UCL), DPhil, PGCE (Oxford)
Davies, Alison (Mrs) Learning Development (Part-Time) JP, BA Edinburgh, PGCE (Leeds)
Davies, Sian (Ms) Drama, Gilson Deputy Housemaster BA (Chichester), PGCE (Buckingham)
Dickey, Kevin Politics BSc (Southampton), MA (York), PGDip
Diez-Urkidi, Yona Orchard Housemaster, Modern Languages Licenciado Biology (Basque Country), MBA (Insituto Empresa), PGCE (Hull), QTS
Dimmick, Adam Head of Computing Studies, Head of Digital Literacy (KS3) BSc, MSc (Bristol), PGCE (Buckingham)
Dix, Andrew Assistant Head, Physical Education, Mathematics BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Duncan, Alex Skipwith Housemaster, Geography BSc, PGCE (Bath Spa)
Ebbage, Richard Assistant Head (Academic) Psychology, Head of PULSE BSc (Roehampton), MSc (Southampton), GTP
Ebun-Cole, Tiki Modern Languages, College House Deputy Housemaster BA (Newcastle), PGCE (Leeds)
Elmore, Aled Physics MPhys (Durham), PGCE (Cambridge)
Geyton, Harry Trainee Teacher of Maths BA (Aberystwyth)
Green, Paul Head of History, Master of Scholars BA (Plymouth), PGCE (Exeter)
Griffiths, Mark Director of Sport BA (Exeter)
Hallam, Eleanor (Mrs) English (Part-Time) BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE (Cantab)
Hallam, Katie (Miss) Head of Art BA (Bishop Grosseteste), PGCE (Cambridge)
Harrison, Carol (Mrs) MFL EdCert (Northumberland), ESOL Celta (Cambridge)
Hearn, Jessica (Mrs) English BA (Plymouth), PGCE (UWE)
Higgins, Annemarie (Mrs) Gilson Housemaster, Director of Learning Development BEd (Reading), MSc (Brunel), GDL (Kingston), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Hine, Vanessa (Mrs) Acting Head of Drama LGSMD
Hunt, Alex Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), Head of Design and Technology BEd (University of South Australia)
Johnston, Ross Head of Geography and Travel and Tourism BSc (Reading), PGCE (St Mary's University College), MA(Ed) (St Mary's)
Jones, Paul Deputy Head (Academic), Music BA (Durham), GTP (London), AST
Khare, Ashok (Dr) Head of Chemistry BSc, MSc, PhD (Mumbai), DTLLS, PTLLS (City and Guilds), MBA (Reading)
Krause, Sarah (Mrs) Art, Head of PSHEE BA (Buckinghamshire Chiltern)
Lawson, Grant Biology, Contingent Commander CCF BSc (Swansea), MSc, MPhil (Southampton), PGCE (OU)
Lee, Chris Head of Mathematics BSc, PGCE (Durham)
Mackworth-Praed, Hugh Mathematics BSc (Durham), PGCE (Cambridge)
Mallins, Adam Burr Housemaster, Geography and Travel and Tourism BSc (Birmingham), PGCE (Buckingham)
McCraw, Paul History, Head of Football, Everett Assistant Housemaster MA (Edinburgh), PGCE (Aberdeen)
Milburn, Marcus Head of Media Studies, Skipwith Deputy Housemaster BA (Glamorgan), PCGE (Reading)
Miller, George Physical Education and Burr Assistant Housemaster BSc (Chester)
Mordue, Chloe (Miss) Head of Photography, Head of Girls' Games BA (Westminster), GTP (West London)
Morgan, Anna (Mrs) Computing Studies (Part-Time) HND (UWE)
Norrington, Kate (Miss) Head of BTEC and Vocational Learning BA (Cardiff)
Nunes, Jenny (Mrs) Maternity Leave BA, PGCE (Exeter)
Parrott, Justine (Mrs) Head of Modern Languages and Educational Visits Coordinator BA (Essex), PGCE (Oxford Brookes)
Pettifer, Charlie Mathematics, Welsh Assistant Housemaster BSc (Exeter), PGCE (LSBU)
Prata, Gemma (Dr) Trainee Teacher BSc (Melbourne), MSc (Monash), DPhil (Oxford)
Olhausen, Ed Head of Business BTEC BA, HND (Metropolitan Manchester), PGCE (Reading)
Ralph, Jonathan English BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE (UNL)
Read, Stuart Economics BA (Leeds), MA (Reading), MA (London School of Theology), PGCE (Sunderland)
Reynolds, James Head of Biology BSc, PGCE (Durham)
Rose, David Business BTEC, Welsh Housemaster BA Hons with QTS (UWE)
Satch, Sally (Mrs) Design and Technology  
Settle, Keith Mathematics, Director of Boarding Admissions BSc (York), PGCE (London)
Sharkey, David Head of English BA (University College Dublin), PGCE (King's College London)
Shaw, Sam Psychology, Coordinating Lead of Politics and Economics BA, PGCE (Leicester)
Slade, Jonty Graduate Music Assistant and Administrator BA (Durham), MA (Royal Academy of Music), ArtDip (Yale), PGDip (Juilliard School NY)
Thomas, Keli (Mrs) Assistant Head of Lower School, Art GTP (Reading)
Wallace, Patricia (Mrs) EAL (Part-Time) BA (Dublin), PGCE (London)
Walter, Tom Head of Physical Education, Biology, Orchard Deputy Housemaster, Head of Hockey BSc (Exeter), PGCE (Buckingham)
Ward, Byron Musician in Residence  BA (LCM), PGCE (Bristol)
Wilson, Luke Theology and Philosophy, Boarding Activities Coordinator BA (Durham), PGCE (Buckingham)
Woolner, Grant Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy MA (Edinburgh), PGCE (York)

Please note - Heads of Department are highlighted in bold and Housemasters are in italics.  

Pastoral and Medical Staff

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Knight, Julie (Mrs) College Matron and Domestic Bursar  
Blackwell, Sue (Mrs) Orchard Matron  
Cousins, Stephen (Revd) College Chaplain  
Cousins, Marion (Mrs) Lower School Matron  
Fairbairn, Lynne (Mrs) Welsh Resident Matron  
Fitzgerald, Jenny (Mrs) Medical Sister (RGN, RM)  
Kean, Beccy (Mrs) Burr Matron (Fridays and Saturdays)  
Kernaghan, Hilary (Miss) Residential Sister  
Magee, Trish (Mrs) Gilson Matron  
Miles-Thomas, Jennie (Mrs) Burr Matron (Monday to Thursday)  
Mundy, Debbie (Ms) Senior Sister (RGN) BA (Reading) PGC (Oxford) MSc (Oxford Brookes)
Strickland, Karen (Ms) Everett Matron  
Tanner, Niki (Ms) Skipwith Matron  
Unwin, Philip (Dr) School Doctor (MB BS, DRCOG)  
Syrett, Alison (Mrs) School Counsellor  

Support Staff

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Arpino, Sue (Mrs) School Secretary  
Bayley, Sally (Mrs) Thinking Space Manager BA, PGCE (Stellenbosch), OTTP & QTS (Oxford Brookes)
Bathe-Taylor, Barry Boat Manager  
Bevan, Finbarr Assistant Bursar, Finance BSc (York), ACA
Blackwell, Graham Site Supervisor  
Bonser, Henri (Mrs) Receptionist (Wed pm, Thurs, Fri)  
Brazil, Catherine (Mrs) Alumni and Events Officer BA (Birmingham)
Brenton, Joan (Mrs) Examination Administrator BA (Open University), TCert (Cambridge)
Brooks, Julie (Mrs) Art Technician  
Buckett, Karen (Mrs) Finance Assistant  
Cock, Lisa (Mrs) Purchasing Assistant  
Coles-Ranson, Carole (Ms) Assistant Accountant  
Currie, David Director of Rowing  
Edimoh, Hanna (Mrs) Data Manager BA (Bucharest)
Emmett, Nicky (Mrs) Headmaster's PA BA (Queen Margaret, Edinburgh), PGCert (Chester)
Evans, Richard Assistant Estates Manager BSc (Preston)
Flynn, Moya (Mrs) HR Manager BA (UWE)
Green, Katherine (Mrs) Director of External Relations BA (Exeter)
Hemchaoui, Suzanne Catering and Events Manager  
Hine, Tamara (Miss) Drama Technician BA (Rose Burford College)
Hutt, Jackie (Dr) Science Technician BA, MMB (Cambridge), MCRP (Royal College of Physicians)
Jenkins, Charlie Strength and Conditioning Coach, Girls' Rowing Coach  
Jenkins, Scott LAMDA Tutor (Saturdays)  
Kemp, Roy Estates Manager BA (Bournemouth)
King, Sandra (Mrs) Accounts Assistant  
Macpherson, Steve SSI, DofE Manager and Head of Outdoor Education  
Nel, Werner Cover Supervisor BComm Law (University of the Free State), PGCE (UNISA)
Novell, Paul ICT Technician  
Pasmore, Esther (Mrs) Admissions Registrar BSc (Surrey)
Rapple Moore, Louise (Mrs) Head of Careers  
Robinson, Fiona (Mrs) Marketing and PR Manager BA (Nottingham)
Shorter, Julie (Mrs) Assistant Bursar Operations  
Smith, Suzette (Mrs) Receptionist (Mon, Tues, Wed am)  
Strudwick, Tom Marketing and Communications Officer BA (East London)
White, Anne (Mrs) SEN Administrator/HLTA HLTA
Whitfield, Mike Design Technology Technician  
Williamson, Nicola (Mrs) Laundry Supervisor  
Young, Hayley (Mrs) Assistant Registrar BA (Leeds)

Visiting Music Staff 

Name Instrument Qualifications
Borzone, Ana (Ms) Cello and Lower School Music  
Branch, Gary Woodwind and Lower School Music DPLM (Leeds), LGSM
Brooks, Jon Piano  
Hartnett, Michael Guitar  
Holland, Matt Brass and Lower School Music BMus, MMus
Hughes, Asami Piano and Theory  
Kench, Julie Voice  
Major, David 'Piper' Bagpipes  
Moore, Patrick Electric and Bass Guitar BSc, MBA (London)
Reineke, Laura (Mrs) Violin  
Roper, Lynne (Mrs) Singing MA, MSc, PGCE
Sibley, Elias Guitar  
Stewart, Hamish Drums  
Watts, John Trombone, French Horn and Tuba  
Western, Dan Drums  

Visiting Sports Staff

Name Sport
Ellison, Chris Cricket
O'Brien, Angela Pilates
Responding to a recommendation of the previous inspection, excellent progress has been made in relation to the monitoring of teaching and learning.
ISI Inspection - Spring 2015