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To contact the Chairman of Governors please write c/o Shiplake College, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 4BW.

Senior Management Team

Headmaster: Mr Tyrone Howe, MA (St Andrews), MSt, MBA (Oxford)
Bursar and Clerk to the Governors: Mr Will Dixon
Deputy Head (Academic): Mr Paul Jones, MEd (Buckingham), BA (Durham), GTP (London), AST, FCCT
Deputy Head (Pastoral) and DSL: Mrs Sally Elliott, BA (University College Wales), PGCE (Reading) 
Director of External Relations: Mrs Katherine Green, BA (Exeter)

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Head (Sixth Form): Mrs Emma Farrell, BA (Belfast), PGCE (Reading)
Assistant Head (Learning and Enrichment): Mr Sam Shaw, BSc, PGCE (Leicester), MSc (Oxon)
Assistant Head (Pastoral): Mrs Fiona DunnBA, PGCE (Bedford College of Higher Education)
Assistant Head (Staff Development and Community Outreach): Mr Andy Dix, BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Senior Housemaster: Mr Tom Armstrong, BA (Exeter), BT (U of T Sydney)
Director of Sport and Co-Curricular Activities: Mr Dan BradleyBSc (Brunel)


Burr Housemaster: Mr Rey Guillaud
College Housemaster: Mr Jonathan Ralph
Everett Housemaster: Mr Tom Armstrong
Gilson Housemistress: Ms Sian Davies
Orchard Housemaster: Mr Andrew Jones
Skipwith Housemaster: Mr Marcus Milburn
Welsh Housemaster: Mr Bob Jones
Head of Lower School: Mr Tom Crisford

Teaching Staff 

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Adam, Neil (Mr) Mathematics BA (Oxford), PGCE (Institute of Education, London) 
Alcock, Chris (Mr) English, Lay Chaplain BA, PGCE (Reading)
Armstrong, Tom (Mr) Everett Housemaster, English BA (Exeter), BT (U of T Sydney)
Batchelor, James (Mr) Science, Deputy Housemaster, Everett BSc (Exeter), GTP (Reading)
Bayley, Sally (Mrs) Business, Boarding Activities Coordinator BA, PGCE (Stellenbosch), OTTP & QTS (Oxford Brookes)
Beckett, Sam (Mr) Chemistry  
Bell, Lisa (Mrs) Learning Development (Part-Time) BA (Liverpool), PGCE (Leeds), OCR Cert & OCR Dip SpLD
Bereiki, Bridget (Mrs) Mathematics BA (Princeton, USA), PGCE (Exeter), BSc (Open University)
Bosomworth, George (Mr) History BA (Kent), PGCE (Canterbury Christ Church) 
Bradley, Dan (Mr) Director of Sport and Co-Curricular BSc (Brunel)
Brooks, Jess (Mrs) Head of English BA (Plymouth), PGCE (UWE)
Burrows, Jack (Mr) Geography BSc, PGCE (Reading)
Cartwright, Ben (Mr) Theology and Philosophy BA (Durham), PGCE with QTS (Winchester)
Chare, Liz (Dr) Head of Science MA, DPhil (Oxon), PGCE (Bucks)
Claridge, Ben (Mr) Physics, Head of Football, Welsh Deputy Housemaster BSc
Cooper, Jack (Mr) Head of Geography, College Deputy Housemaster BSc (Plymouth), PGCE (Exeter)
Cox, Nikki (Mrs) Learning Development (Part-Time) BSc (Cardiff), PGCE (Cambridge)
Coulehan, Judit (Mrs) Director of Learning Development BEd (Budapest, Hungary), CELTA (Cambridge), PGCE-SpLD/dyslexia (Oxford Brookes), PGCE-NASENDCo (Reading), APC (PATOSS)
Crisford, Tom (Mr) Head of Lower School, Physical Education BSc (Southampton), GTP (Brunel)
Curran, Richard (Mr) Director of Music BMus, PGCE (Edinburgh), MEd
Leadership (Buckingham), CMgr
Davies, Sian (Ms) Drama, Gilson Housemistress BA (Chichester), PGCE (Buckingham)
Davis, Adie (Mr) Head of Mathematics BSc (Open University), Master of Teaching (UCL), PGCE (Warwick) 
Dix, Andrew (Mr) Assistant Head (Staff Development and Community Outreach), Mathematics BSc, PGCE (Loughborough)
Dunn, Fiona (Mrs) Assistant Head Pastoral, Physical Education BA, PGCE (Bedford College of Higher Education)
Edwards, Robbie (Mr) Physical Education, Head of Rugby BSc (Bedfordshire), PGCE (Buckingham)
Elliott, Jasper (Mr) Music, Orchard Deputy Housemaster, Music Administrator BA (Oxford Brookes), PGCE (Reading)
Elliott, Sally (Mrs) Deputy Head (Pastoral), DSL, MFL BA (University College Wales), PGCE (Reading) 
Farrell, Emma (Mrs) Head of Drama, Assistant Head (Sixth Form) BA (Belfast), PGCE (Reading)
Fuller, Liam (Mr) Head of Design, Engineering and Technology HND and BEd (University of West of England)
Gingell, Alberto (Mr) Graduate Assistant BSc (Plymouth)
Goulden, Rebecca (Mrs) Art (Part-Time) BA (Portsmouth), PGCE (Exeter)
Gower, Simon (Mr) Business Studies BA (Central Lancashire)
Griffiths, Alice (Miss) Drama and Drama Technician BA (Middlesex)
Guillaud, Rey (Mr) Burr Housemaster, MFL Licence d'anglais (University of Angers, France), PGCE (Oxford Brookes)
Hallam, Eleanor (Mrs) English (Part-Time) BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE (Cantab)
Heaney, Kade (Mr) Criminology and Sociology, Burr Deputy Housemaster LLB and PGCE (Manchester Met)
Hendriks, Caroline (Mrs) Mathematics BSc (Open University), BEng (Portsmouth) 
Hill, Teuta (Mrs) Head of Business Studies BA, PGCE (Middlesex)
Howe, Tyrone (Mr) Headmaster MA (St Andrews), MSt, MBA (Oxford)
James, Annabel (Miss) Geography, Gilson Deputy Housemistress BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Oxford)
Jasper, Peter (Mr) Head of Physics BSc (Imperial), PGCE (Oxford)
Jiggens, Keli (Miss) Head of Art BA (UWE), GTP (Reading)
Jones, Bob (Mr) Welsh Housemaster, Mathematics BSc (Cardiff), PGCE (Bangor)
Jones, Nicola (Miss) Head of Theology and Philosophy, Deputy Head Skipwith BA, MA (Durham), MA (University of London)
Jones, Andrew (Mr) Everett Housemaster, Chemistry BSc (Liverpool John Moores), PGCE (Reading)
Jones, Paul (Mr) Deputy Head (Academic), Music MEd (Buckingham), BA (Durham), GTP (London), AST, MCCT
Kenyon, Sarah (Miss) Science MEd (Buckingham), BSc, PGCE (York) 
Khare, Ashok (Dr) Head of Chemistry BSc, MSc, PhD (Mumbai), DTLLS, PTLLS (City and Guilds), MBA (Reading)
Krause, Sarah (Mrs) Art, Photography, Head of PSHEE BA (Buckinghamshire Chiltern)
Lane, Stephanie (Miss) History and Politics, Deputy Head of Lower School BA (Royal Holloway), PGCE (Reading)
Lawson, Grant (Mr) Biology, Contingent Commander CCF BSc (Swansea), MSc, MPhil (Southampton), PGCE (OU)
Lovelock, Chloe (Mrs) Head of Photography, Head of Girls' Games BA (Westminster), GTP (West London)
Mackworth-Praed, Hugh (Mr) Mathematics BSc (Durham), PGCE (Cambridge)
MacKenzie, Emily (Miss) English Teacher BA (Carleton), PGCE (University of West of Scotland)
Magee, Kate (Ms) Lead for Sociology and Criminology BSc, MA (Queen's Belfast), MA (Dublin City), PGCE (Thames Valley)
Milburn, Marcus (Mr) Skipwith Housemaster, Head of Media Studies, BA (Glamorgan), PCGE (Reading)
Miller, Duncan (Mr) English Teacher BA (Bangor), MA (King's College London)
Morgan, Anna (Mrs) Computing Studies (Part-Time) HND (UWE)
Morgan, Ella (Miss) Mathematics BSc (Exeter)
Neill, Katie (Mrs) Head of PE BA, QTS (Brighton)
Norrington, Kate (Miss) Head of BTEC and Vocational Learning BA (Cardiff)
Overton, Jenny (Mrs) Geography Teacher (Short-Term) BSc (Coventry), PGCE (Oxford), MSc (Oxford Brookes)
Padrick, Karen (Mrs) Design, Engineering and Technology MA (London Institute of Education), BEd (University of West of England)
Parrott, Justine (Mrs) Head of Modern Languages and Educational Visits Coordinator BA (Essex), PGCE (Oxford Brookes)
Partridge, Gina (Mrs) Learning Development, Deputy Head of Lower School BA (Oxford Brookes)
Pettifer, Charlie (Mr) Mathematics BSc (Exeter), PGCE (LSBU)
Platt, Abbie (Miss) Art BA (Bath Spa), PGCE (Reading) 
Player, Joseph (Mr) Head of History, Master of Scholars BA, PGCE (Nottingham)
Ralph, Jonathan (Mr) College Housemaster, English BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE (UNL)
Rapple Moore, Louise (Mrs) Head of Careers BA (Reading) LRSM
Read, Stuart (Mr) Economics BA (Leeds), MA (Reading), MA (London School of Theology), PGCE (Sunderland)
Redrup, Pete (Mr) Head of Computer Studies BA (Leeds), PGCE (St Martin's College, Lancaster)
Rojas, Elena (Ms) Psychology BSc (York), PGCE (Edge Hill) 
Rousseau, Christel (Dr) Physics DUT (St Jérôme Aix Marseille), BSc & MSc (Northumbria), PhD (Strathclyde)
Russell, Sioned (Miss) History BA (Durham), PGCE (Oxford) 
Satch, Sally (Mrs) Design, Engineering and Technology  
Shaw, Sam (Mr) Head of Psychology, Assistant Head (Learning and Enrichment) BSc, PGCE (Leicester)
Sotos, JC (Mr) MFL BA (The Open University), PGCE (King's College London)
Valim, Lays (Dr) Director of Digital Strategy BSc and MPhys (Leeds), MRes and PhD (Imperial College London), PGCE (Oxford Brookes)
Wallace, Patricia (Mrs) EAL (Part-Time) BA (Dublin), PGCE (London)
Wheeler, Jamie (Mr) Physical Education, Head of Cricket BSc (Loughborough)
Wood, Laura (Miss) Learning Development QTS (Roehampton, London)

Please note - Heads of Department and Housemasters/Housemistresses are highlighted in bold.  

Pastoral and Medical Staff

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Baker, Nick (Revd Dr) School Chaplain BA (Kent), MA (Durham & York), PhD (York), PGDipCelticStuds (UWTSD), DipHeritInterp (Surrey), DipEurHum (Open), FRSA, FRAI
Tanner, Niki (Ms) Skipwith Matron and Domestic Team Supervisor  
Blackwell, Sue (Mrs) Orchard Matron  
Bonser, Henri (Mrs) Lower School Matron  
Chambers, Becky (Mrs) Skipwith House Pastoral Leader  
Fairbairn, Lynne (Mrs) Welsh Resident Matron  
Guillaud, Leesa (Mrs) Gilson House Pastoral Leader  
Knight, Julie (Mrs) College Matron  
Leslie, Sonia (Miss) Everett Pastoral House Leader (Wed pm, Thurs, Fri)  
McLellan, Kirsteen (Ms) Burr Pastoral House Leader (Fri Only) MA (Glasgow)
Stewart, Josie (Mrs) Everett Pastoral House Leader (Mon, Tues and Wed am)  
Thomas, Vicky (Mrs) Burr Pastoral House Leader (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)  
Carberry-Long, Kate (Mrs) Senior Nurse  
Lucas, Liv (Miss) School Bank Nurse (p/t) BSc (Surrey)
Morais, Claire (Mrs) School Nurse  
Turgis, Emma (Miss) School Bank Nurse (p/t) (Bedfordshire)
Deacon, Katie (Ms) Healthcare Assistant (p/t)  
MacDonald, Sam (Mrs) School Counsellor (p/t)  
Coleman, Kevin (Mr) School Counsellor (p/t) BA (Queen Mary), MA (De Montfort)
Duggan, Ciara (Miss) School Counsellor (Maternity Leave)   

Support Staff

Name Responsibility Qualifications
Armstrong, Linsey (Mrs) Exams Officer  
Arpino, Sue (Mrs) School Secretary (Wed to Fri)  
Bathe-Taylor, Barry (Mr) Boat Manager  
Bignell, Sophie (Mrs) Finance Assistant (Maternity Cover)  
Blackwell, Graham (Mr) Site Supervisor  
Blakeman, Felicity (Mrs) Deputy Headmasters' PA (9.30am - 1.30pm)  
Brooks, Julie (Mrs) Art Technician  
Buckett, Karen (Mrs) Finance Assistant  
Chester, Lauren (Mrs) Assistant Accountant  
Currie, David (Mr) Director of Rowing  
Dixon, Will (Mr) Bursar and Clerk to the Governors  
Edimoh, Hanna (Mrs) Data Manager BA (Bucharest)
Ellison, Chris (Mr) Director of Cricket (p/t)  
Emmett, Nicky (Mrs) Headmaster's Executive Assistant BA (Queen Margaret, Edinburgh), PGCert (Chester)
Evans, Richard (Mr) Assistant Estates Manager BSc (Preston)
Freeman, Ellie (Mrs) Exams Assistant BA (University College, Cork)
Green, Katherine (Mrs) Director of External Relations BA (Exeter)
Grover, Peter (Mr) DET Technician and Maintenance Assistant  
Gwiazda, Kasia (Mrs) Senior Science Technician MSc (AGH, Poland)
Hall, Lynne (Mrs) Deputy Bursar (Estates)  
Hanlon, Marcella (Mrs) SSI, DofE Manager and Head of Outdoor Education BA (Central Lancaster)
Johnston, Adam (Mr) Marketing and Communications Officer BA (Westminster)
King, Sandra (Mrs) Accounts Assistant  
Moir, Maria (Mrs) HR Manager  
Partridge, Sue (Mrs) Thinking Space Manager, SEN Administrator (Part-Time)   
Pasmore, Esther (Mrs) Admissions Registrar BSc (Surrey)
Patel, Hema (Dr) Science Technician BSc (King's College, London), PhD (Imperial College)
Rickard, Nicola (Ms) Exams Officer BA (Hertfordshire) 
Safdari, Dan (Mr) Assistant Director of Rowing  
Sedeeq, Admed (Mr) IT & Cybersecurity Technician BSc (Mosul), MSc (Sheffield)
Skilton, Katie (Mrs) Deputy Bursar Finance  
Smith, Suzette (Mrs) Receptionist (Mon, Tues, Wed am)  
Spearing, Natalie (Mrs) Alumni Relations and Events Officer  
Spooner, Sam (Mrs) Receptionist (Wed pm, Thurs, Fri)  
Thompson, Aaron (Mr) Executive Chef  
Weston, Violet (Miss) PA to the Bursar BA (Bristol)
White, Anne (Mrs) Thinking Space Manager, SEN Administrator/HLTA HLTA
Yeung, Jason (Mr) ICT Support and Network Manager  
Young, Hayley (Mrs) Assistant Registrar BA (Leeds)

Visiting Music Staff 

A variety of different music lessons are on offer at the College, from guitar and drums to trumpet and singing.  Please click here for a list and further information about our visiting music teachers.